RFP Batch 38

I finally did it!

I signed up with the Registered Financial Planner institute of the Philippines and am part of Batch 38. We had our first session today and the first speaker was Randell Tiongson himself. I read his blog and articles, but I had no clue he was a very engaging speaker as well. Guy can't do no wrong it seems. I am now officially a fan.

It was also a pleasant surprise to see Lianne there (Hi Lianne!) and after two years of being "blog friends", we finally got to meet each other. I'm currently reading her new book "OMG! Where Did Your Sweldo Go?" and will have my review out in the next few weeks.

The majority of the attendees were from the insurance industry, but apparently, financial planning is so much more that getting insurance, and being affiliated with an insurance company might even pose some sort of conflict of interest. Case in point:

Randell Tiongson (RT): Does everybody need life insurance?
Crowd of insurance agents: Yes!
RT: No! If you don't have dependents, if no one is relying on you, why do you need to take out life insurance?
Crowd of insurance agents: (mumbling) because of this and that...
RT: As financial planners, you are to address your client's needs and NOT create a need.

Conflict of interest indeed.

Anyhoo, I'm off to dinner with my family. Happy weekend everyone!


Career shift na ito?

I was researching about that RFP thing before and it's too mahal for me! The kuripot in me doesn't want to spend!

I guess if you want to really learn and eventually earn from it, price is worth it.
Jillsabs said…
Definitely not a career shift, more of beefing up my resume lang.

I'll have a major career upheaval next year and I'm still up in the air with what I want to do next. Being an RFP might help with my Plan B and it's something that I'm also interested in, so go lang ng go! :)
I'm glad that you're now taking RFP! :)
Christine said…
Hi there!

I am interested to be an RFP.

Are there any qualifications or requirements to be an RFP?

Are there online courses? How many weeks is the course?

Is it expensive?

Jillsabs said…
Hi Christine,

1) No requirements to be an RFP.

2) I don't think there are online courses, but you can ask the RFP Institute to be sure.

3) I think it was an 8 Saturday course.

4) Tuition fee was around 22.5k-25.k. Sorry, I can't remember anymore.

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