A Constant Struggle

As a personal finance blogger, I feel that I might regret this admission later on, but I don't care. Hello, my name is Jill and I'm addicted to shoes! Cute flats and sandals to be more precise.

I've been living with this affliction for some time and I thought I had already tamed it, resorting to buying shoes only when I need to. And to keep my addiction in check, I consciously avoid my triggers, not setting foot in malls unless I have to (which honestly isn't much of a sacrifice because I'm not really fond of malls).
But these online stores are weakening my resolve. Not only do they focus on flats, they are also locally made! How can I not support local products right? It would be anti-Filipino!

So far, I have prevented myself from splurging on a gazillion new pairs because of a few simple reasons:

1. Inconvenient payment scheme- most of the payment schemes are through bank deposit or G-cash, and while those sandals may be cute, I'm too lazy to go to the bank and leave the comfort of my airconditioned office, just to make a deposit.

2. Huge surcharge on Paypal- they accept Paypal but slap on a ridiculous surcharge for doing so. For example, the sandals I wanted was Php1,080 with free shipping, but when I opted to pay using Paypal, the bill went up to Php1,200++ that's almost a 20% difference! No way Jose.

3. I have no more room for a new pair- I live in a tiny shoebox of a home and so every purchase has to be mulled over, because I only have a finite space for shoes and clothes. As much as I love new shoes, I love not having to deal with clutter even more.

Just like an addict trying to change his ways, everyday is a struggle and so I make my life easier by unsubscribing from store email updates, unfollowing seller accounts on Instagram and creating a goal that would make the sacrifice so much easier to bear (i.e. creating a fund to renovate our condo). But I do sneak a peek every now and then to see what the new styles are, and just when I'm ready to buy a pair, I am once again deterred by the limited payment schemes. Success!

So dear online shoe stores, thank you for making it easy for this shoe addict to not take a walk on the dark side.

*Images from POSH Pocket Shoes, Lulu Swing, Yellow Bird Shoes, Anthology Shoes and Suelas.


Hala,ako din!! Haha! But mine is sneakers, particularly Chucks.

I am eyeing the Chuck Taylor's shoreline. I have one which I got for Christmas but me "want" another 2 pairs! Haha!

I wish it's like that here.. Sana I have to go to bank and all that hassle before buying online but sadly, it's not like that here.

But we have to give in once in a while,right? We work to live and not live to work.. Pa minsan minsan lang! Enable mode! Haha!
Jillsabs said…
Enabler ka nga!!! Hahahaha!

But your admission made me feel better ha. You're my icon for frugality and savings, so to know that you also wrestle with these impulses makes me realize that it is normal after all :)

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