Starting Over Again

I'm sorry to mislead Piolo and Toni fans, but I won't be blogging about the movie, although I heard it was good and I still feel bad that I wasn't able to watch it!

I am starting over with our emergency funds and house fund.

I've written about how we planned on getting the unit next door, then plans fell through so that wasn't happening anymore. And then, just a few weeks ago things happened in rapid succession so now, we're the proud owners of another 30sqm condo unit. Yay us!

Unfortunately, to make that happen, I had to pillage our emergency funds and even take out a loan from my mom. So now, our emergency funds are next to zero and I haven't felt this vulnerable in a long time.

Not only are our emergency funds in a state of calamity, we still have to raise the funds needed to fix up the new unit. Right now, we're taking it slowly, thus, the first batch of construction will involve putting a doorway between the two units and demolishing the existing kitchen unit to make way for a new one. That shouldn't be too expensive, right?

There's also the need to build up our emergency funds and my plan is to start saving up for the condo constructions only after I have a month's worth of expenses tucked away in our emergency funds. Then after that, savings will be split 50-50 into emergency funds and condo constructions.

Sounds like a plan. Let's do this!


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