The Mortal Sin

I've started on my case study for my Registered Financial Planner accreditation and for this I tapped a good friend and her husband to become my very first clients. While going through their numbers, I was struck by just how much they are both earning from employment. I honestly thought I was already making a decent amount at work, but apparently, I was mistaken.

And then one brother has set up a second boxing gym, while another one is the sole provider for his family of four (wife + 3 kids), but he does this while staying at home and going on constant vacation breaks.

And have I mentioned that my friend and my brothers are younger than I am? :(

But at work, I'm the only one with a portfolio of investments. Also, when I whine that I don't have money, it only means that I wasn't able to withdraw cash, unlike some members of our staff who count the days until the next payday.

That's why I really should stop comparing myself and my financial situation with others. Doing so can only lead to two results, either I'll feel demoralized about my bottomline or I'll feel smug about my bottomline. Either way, I'm bound to lose.

So blinders back on, and eyes on the goal.

Happy Sunday y'all!


Philippine said…
I also compare my situation to other people, until I realized every one of us is different, and it won't do me any good if I'm going to compare our situations all day long.
Jillsabs said…
True. And the more we compare our situation with others, the less time we'll have generating money! So it's really a lose-lose scenario.

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