Almost RFP

I presented my financial plan last Monday to a panel of RFPs (Registered Financial Planner) and although I have to countercheck some of my figures and add some charts that require ninja level Excel skills, I'm still mighty glad that it's over.

My takeaway from that experience was that a comprehensive financial plan means just that, comprehensive. It's better to hammer the client with all sorts of projections and simulations, than to whiz through your report. But at the same time, the plan has to be easy to comprehend and doable for the client.

One panelist's comment to another presenter was that her figures seemed to be inflated. While that's ok if the client can afford it, for others who are on the other end of the financial spectrum, bloated figures might just prove to be discouraging. That's why there's a need to try to be spot-on with figures and projections.

At this point, I'll be getting back to my client for some more information that I will need to tweak her financial plan and I'll be studying up on Excel in order to bring up my current skill level of puny mortal to a nunchuck wielding ninja. Hopefully, in about a month's time, I can already incorporate the panel's suggestions so that I can resubmit my paper and finally get my RFP certification.


Wow! Congrats! Parang kailan lang that you started ah! Patapos na!
Jillsabs said…
Ang bilis no? Where did the year go?!
Frugal Expat said…
Is there any pre qualifications to be an RFP?

Is that an online course? how many weeks is the course?

I am really interested to be an RFP.

Jillsabs said…
It's a half day course (8am to 12 noon) for 8 consecutive Saturdays. No prequalification to join the course, just register and pay the fee. Here's the link to the RFP website:
Janice said…
congrats ate Jill! you're almost there :)

I also attended their free info session and I'm quite interested to take the course. But I'm still thinking if it's really worth it. And from your experience, is it difficult? I mean do you think someone who doesn't have a background in finance can make it? :)
Jillsabs said…
Hi Janice,

The course itself wasn't difficult at all. The biggest challenge for me was fighting the pull of my bed every Saturday, because to make it to the 8am class, I had to wake up at 6am and be out of the house between 7-715am. Try doing that on a Saturday, ang hirap!

But I never regretted the effort in going because the sessions were always super fun and informative. The speakers are top in their respective fields and would generously impart their battle stories or give advice.

No background in finance needed, I don't have any finance experience too. You will need some basic Excel knowledge to come up with your paper, but they'll teach you that in one of the sessions and you can also learn that through online tutorials.

I'm still not sure if I'll go full steam with being an RFP in the future, but I know that I don't regret taking the course.

Hope that helped!
Janice said…
It absolutely helped! :) Thanks for all the info.. I'll wait 'til you post your next update on your RFP certification... Good luck!

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