This is totally not personal finance related, but about 3 months ago, I received a text message in Bisaya from "Lucel" saying that she won't be able to come to work because her husband got into a motorcycle accident and she has to take care of him.

I don't know any Lucel and the only person who works for me is my son's yaya Sheila, who is Bicolana and not Bisaya, so I ignored the message and treated it as an ingenious scam attempt (because how did "Lucel" know that I was Bisaya?).

A few weeks after that, I get another Bisaya message saying that her child had a fever and she wouldn't be able to go to work. The sender didn't identify herself as Lucel though, but like the first one, it was sent at about 6AM.

Then last week, I receive yet another text message. I was able to save it, so I quote:

mam gd am ugma nalang q tungha kay malig0 pme dagat (8/13/2-14 / 6:35 AM)

lang ugma nk0 anha kay pdubn cla malig0 (8/13/2014 / 6:35 AM)

(Good morning ma'am, I will go there tomorrow because we will go to the beach today)

To which I responded:

Ok. Ayo Ayo lng mo diha. Pagbutang ug sunblock.

(Ok, take care. Use sunblock)

Lucel didn't respond to my show of love, but she did text this morning:

gud am mam, ghilantan aq bata mam ugma nk0 anga kay aq sa ipahilot., lucel ne (8/19/2014 / 5:44 AM)

(Good morning ma'am, I will go there tomorrow because my child has a fever and I will bring him/her to the local healer. This is Lucel)

I decided to stop this charade once and for all and responded with: Wrong number.

To which Lucel sassily replied with: 

kam0 gd ug masuk0 mo pangitae m0 puli kay tman rk0 ktapusan.

(If you're going to get mad, better to look for my replacement because I'll only be there until the end of the month)

Me: Ok. Pero wrong number nga. Please recheck the number you're using.

At galit ka pa Lucel?! Ikaw na nga itong palaging absent! Harumph.

Anyhoo, I still don't know what Lucel's game is or if she really did just make a mistake in texting me. But one thing's for sure, if it is indeed a scam, I'm curious to see where this will lead. Also, what's the deal with texting in Bisaya because wouldn't the odds for success be greater when you use Tagalog, since more people understand that?

So mysterious!


Janice said…
hahaha, that was so funny! wala lang, natawa lang ako ng bonggang bongga sa text conversation nyo :)
If it was a scam, I'm sure natawa din siya when you said, pagbutang ug sun block haha
Florlin said…
Hahahah. That's so weird. It's really a coincidence that she texted you in Bisaya. Scammers usually use Tagalog, because more people could understand.

BTW, I didn't know you're Bisaya. Where are you from diay?
Anonymous said…
Maybe your only fault was you replied about her going to the beach. So she really thought you are her "ma'am"... :))

that was funny tho.
Jillsabs said…
Hi Florlin,

My mom is from Cebu (Moalboal), while my father is from Biliran (Talahid). I spent a huge chunk of my childhood shuttling between those two places and up to now, go back regularly since I still have family in Cebu and my parents are now retired in Biliran.

Dili na ko kasulti ug tinarong na Bisaya, pero kasabot ra gihapon ko.

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