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I felt compelled to churn out something today because it's been 6 days since my last post, but I can't think of anything coherent right now. So I will subject my readers to the random thoughts polluting my mind, which may or may not be personal finance related. You have been warned.

  • I'm working on a comparison between term insurance and VUL, seeing if the Buy Term Invest the Difference (BTID) really does work. I'm almost done with the table but I still need to double check my computations because I've never been known for my knack with numbers.
  • Jeepney operators and the jeepney franchise details are painted inside a little box on the side of the body. I don't really pay attention to them until this morning when I saw that this particular jeepney operator's name was: R. Gastador. I wonder if that person really did become as profligate as his name, or if he went the opposite, by being ridiculously thrifty. #wewillneverknow
  • My family is setting up a business in our province and I have suddenly been lassoed into the deal by helping out with the needed paperwork. To think I only signed up to drive the foreign partner and investor to Makati to meet up with the lawyers. I'm hoping that this deal pushes through though because it will really help out our little island.  
  • Regardless of whether or not the deal pushes through, I now have an instant tour guide in Prague! Woohoo! Now how do I find the cash to get to Prague? Hmmmm....
  • I'm interested in BPI's Save Up account because it has a life insurance aspect equivalent to 5x the deposited amount, but not to exceed Php4,000,000.00. I plan to transfer our emergency funds there from my BPI account to take advantage of the life insurance coverage, but I still have to confirm if the only way of depositing money is through automated transfer from an existing BPI account. 
  • My boss is retiring by next year and I don't want to apply for another clerkship with a new Justice. Now where do I go next?


I have been reading about BPI's Save Up thing here and there. Don't know if it's good or not.

I smell Prague here, ah! hehe!

Where do you go next? Maybe you can your RFP already? :) I'm sure, whatever you decide to do, you'll do well.

Natawa naman ako sa "Gastador". LOL
grace said…
maam "jill", just post whatever you had in mind, I am following ur blogs because I believe u had a wider scope/understanding when it comes to investing & financial aspects. I am still reading some of ur previous blogs & I'm learning from it.
"di ko pa nga maintindihan yang BTID & VUL na yan e,.....
good day mam & god bless!!!!
Jillsabs said…
I'll research more on BPI Save Up and blog about it. The life insurance aspect is just too good to pass up and is a good way to leverage our emergency funds.

Ay sana nga matupad ang Prague dream, at hindi maging frog... #sobrangcorny

I want to be a financial planner/ coach on the side. I still want a day job, I'm not confident enough to strike out on my own. Maybe when I've set up a hefty cash buffer then I can focus on being a financial planner.
Jillsabs said…
Hi Grace!

You have inspired me to finish my term insurance and VUL comparison post :)

Thanks for following my blog!
Startup Mommy said…
Hi Jill I'm looking forward to ur post on bpi save up plus insurance! I went to bpi today,they said the only way to open such is via transfer from an existing online bpi account. :) do you think it's a good idea to park EF in an insurance-savings product?
Jillsabs said…
Hi Brenda,

I still have some questions on BPI Save Up because the website doesn't answer how the funds can be withdrawn (here's the link: https://www.bpidirect.com/page/view/save-up-automatic-savings-insurance).

If it's going to be difficult to withdraw the funds, since the website says that you really won't be issued an ATM card to lessen the temptation of withdrawing, then it might not be a good idea to park the EF with BPI Save Up since EF has to be easily accessible.

Anyway, I'll stop by BPI today or call their hotline to clarify this issue (and other questions I have), then I'll make a separate post on it.
Janice said…
Just wanna share my experience with BPI Save-up...
I park my EF (i call it my extra fund) on my BPI Save-up account. Whenever I need it, I just transfer the amount to my savings account and that's where i withdraw it from. Fund transfer from save-up to savings is done online. When I got my save-up account, it automatically showed up on my bpi expressonline account together with my BPI credit card and payroll. It should show up as long as it's under the same name. If it doesn't. you can add the account manually.

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