2015: Getting Down to Business

I started this blog in 2012 and back then I was just getting started on my personal finance journey and feeling mighty proud of myself for "investing" in a VUL #facepalm.

In 2013 I continued reading whatever I could find on personal finance and got my first taste of stock investing thanks to Bro. Bo Sanchez.

This year, our finances got thrown up in the air because of the condo purchase. I'm happy to say though that my personal loans to my parents are 30% paid off with the amount decreasing steadily every month because aside from paying my parents a set amount monthly, I also pay their credit card bills and offset the amount with my debt (This is why I cringe when I hear about their new purchases).

For 2015, the theme is to keep on moving forward with our financial goals, and with no more big expenses to derail our wealth building mode, we should be chugging along smoothly. The two biggest goals for 2015 are to complete our emergency funds and transition smoothly to a new job with a bigger pay by the middle of next year.

I also want to resume socking money away in our retirement fund so it's imperative to beef up our emergency funds ASAP so the money allotted towards that can be funneled towards retirement. Also, with a bigger take home pay, I can make extra payments on our PAG-IBIG mortgage and pay it off as quickly as possible.

We are on a zero sum budget and unless we can remove some of the recurring expenses (i.e. cash earmarked for emergency funds) or increase our monthly budget (i.e. through a salary increase or sideline), there's really no way to find the money for investments or extra mortgage payments. In short, wala ng mapipiga pa. Thus the need to complete our emergency funds ASAP.

I don't know about you, but I'm excited about 2015 what with a new job in the offing and our little family project slowly unfolding, there's just so much to look forward to! Let's get it on 2015.


edelweiza said…
I'm excited about 2015, too! It's going to be a bountiful year for me (claiming it already!). Three of my loans will have been fully paid by August and I expect to funnel the will-be-available spare funds to my current investments. :)
Jillsabs said…
Oh wow! That is exciting news nga! Aariba na pala ang investments mo!
Bee said…
Hello Miss Jill. I am lurker of your blog for quiet sometime na. Hehehe. Been learning a lot from you and Miss Grace. I admire you both being I am also learning and trying to equip myself to financial literacy. Yes, let's claim a bountiful 2015. :)
rach said…
Good to hear that you are on track. I hope I can say the same... We have just moved back (ex-OFW) and is trying to re-learn the ropes here in the Philippines which includes understanding the prices of what we once thought were cheap.

I am also excited for 2015 and what it brings for us (hopefully a business and more online possibilities!). Most important factor that we have been waiting for is sana magkaroon na kami ng baby. I am hoping and praying for that to happen very very soon :)

Happy Holidays!
Janice said…
Good luck with all your plans in 2015, Ate Jill! :)
Cheers to more opportunities and successes in the years to come!
Happy holidays and enjoy your vacation in Biliran!
Regards! :)

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