Happy Holidays!

Agta Beach Resort with the fambam

This year, we dove head first into the holiday madness and went to three different destinations for December, with two other places to go to before we say goodbye to 2014. To date, we've been to the airport 6 times (with only one delay, thank goodness!), went on one fast craft from Cebu to Ormoc and two long distance drives to get to my parents' place in Biliran. Today, we're going on another road trip to attend my sister in law's wedding and then we're off to Bohol after that with the wedding party. I officially need a vacation from this vacation.

Gorging up on all things yummy in Calea. Bacolod is a foodie haven and we'll definitely be back

Impromptu overnight stay in Cebu with my cousins (Ace's Ninong Francis and Ninang Grace) after our Tacloban flight was rerouted to Cebu and we weren't able to secure a fast craft ticket to Ormoc

Ace has been relatively well-behaved even with all of the travelling and I'm just super thankful that we weren't part of the Cebu Pacific holiday meltdown. Can you just imagine waiting in a packed airport for hours and hours with a squirmy toddler?! The horror. Although our upcoming Bohol trip is via Tiger Air/ Cebu Pacific and I'm honestly dreading how it will pan out. Hopefully, our luck holds out and with our early flights, we'll experience no or minimal flight disruptions.

Happy holidays everyone!


grace said…
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Mam Jill! Mukhang ang saya saya ng mga trips nyo mam :)
edelweiza said…
Nice family pic! Panalo ang shadow effect. Happy holidays! :)

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