2014 in Review and Looking Forward to 2015

As I looked over my 2014 resolutions, only one word came to mind --- FAIL. Allow me to elaborate.

  • Reduce mortgage by at least Php100,000.00 (current amount is Php629,406.89) --> All extra mortgage payments were put on hold after we bought the next door condo unit and were suddenly paying off 2 mortgages.
  • Start a travel fund for our 5th wedding anniversary trip to Italy (goal is Php80,000) --> Didn't happen although I'm setting aside money for our upcoming Palawan trip and after that, will continue socking cash away for our Germany - Czech Republic trip during the first quarter of 2016.
  • Become a registered financial planner--> I submitted my revised financial plan November of last year (it feels funny saying that when we're only 2 days into the new year) and I still haven't received any feedback on it. I have decided to just let it go and move on. I know my revised financial plan was well-thought of and is a good a guide as any, so if it still doesn't merit even a response from the RFP then there's something fundamentally wrong with that institution.
  • Finish a 5k race --> Fail.
  • Finish a 10k race --> Fail. I actually like running and was already in week 6 of my running program before I slipped. I will definitely take up running again but now know myself well enough to admit that finishing a race as a goal is not enough to motivate me.
  • Be more consistent in using social media to promote blogs --> I know that in order to be a blogging success you gotta work on your branding, a fact that also holds true to some extent even outside of the blogging world. And part of branding yourself is being active in social media, to reach out to your readers and establish yourself as an expert in your field. I know this. But despite all that, I'm such a failure when it comes to promoting my blogs in social media. It's honestly such a chore to update my blog's FB page because I have no ulterior motive of selling myself or creating a brand, I just want to blog. I want to blog about the things that catch my fancy and have my say without thinking if it fits my brand. So this year I will do just that without any feelings of guilt that I haven't updated my blog's FB page in x number of weeks. I just want to write. There. I said it.
For 2015, instead of scribbling my financial resolutions in the notes section of my planner (read: the back part) and then forgetting about them, I wrote down my resolutions on the front page, making them easier to view, thus, much harder to forget. Let's see if this works out.

And for the record my financial goals for this year are:
  • Complete our emergency fund (200k)
  • Reach 500k in investments
  • Save 50k for Palawan trip
  • Knock off at least 50k from mortgage 1
  • Knock off at least 50k from mortgage 2
Aside from Puerto Princesa and El Nido, we also have a bit of travelling in store for us this year. My mom wants to bring the whole family (as in 5 siblings, 4 in-laws, 8 grandkids and 2 unborn grandkids) to Korea for a family holiday. The original plan was February for a winter holiday, but my 2 brothers won't be able to make it, so we're looking at the holy week break. I really, really hope this pushes through because we've never been anywhere as a whole family and it has all the makings of an epic trip. Crossing fingers and praying hard that we get to go.

Job hunting for me will also commence in 2-3 months since my boss will be retiring by the middle of this year and I don't want to stay any longer than I have to in the Court of Appeals. It's not as dramatic as it seems though, I just want a change from churning out resolutions and decisions. 

Those are pretty much the highlights of 2015, or at least as much as I can predict, because as we all know, life has a way of throwing a monkey wrench into even the best laid out plans. So make plans if that's your thing, but be ready as well to react and adjust to whatever happens along the way.

It's a brand new year and the fact that you're reading this means that you're alive, literate and have enough concentration to finish a lengthy post, thus you'll be just fine :)

Happy new year everyone!


jaki said…
Cheers to a brighter new year, Jill!
Didi said…
Goodluck on your 2015!

I am like you, very lazy to share posts on social media. That is a nice realization. I really also would like to just focus on storytelling more than anything.

Happy New year!
Tara Cabullo said…
Happy New Year, Jill!
Jillsabs said…
Happy new year ladies!
edelweiza said…
Okay lang yan. That's what 2015 is for! To try again, harder this time. Go, girl! Happy 2015! :)

P.S. I wish I could run but the hubby prefers walking and he's my fitness buddy. So I guess I will just walk my way to fitness! :)
Anonymous said…
I always forget to update social media pages, too. If wordpress didn't have the auto-publicize feature, nada. Thinking of deleting my twitter and fb page. Pero isipin ko muna this year. - Rae

2015 will be all about money for me.

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