And that's a wrap!

This month has been all about accomplishing my clearance at the Court of Appeals, collecting documents and filling up pre-employment forms for my new job AND applying for an exemption with the MCLE. In short, I've been up to my eyeballs in paperwork, collating paperwork and making sense of more paperwork while churning out as many decisions as I could. I thereby dedicate my new papercut to the person who invented forms.

I still don't know if I'll be joining the judiciary in the future, but I do know that I want to continue serving in the public sector, because it's really where I derive the most satisfaction from.

Maybe it's my idealistic self kicking in, but I get all sorts of warm and fuzzy feelings with the knowledge that what I'm doing actually impacts other people's lives for the better, as opposed to merely adding to a mammoth company's bottomline. Don't think for a second though that I'm being a martyr by staying in government service, because the pay is actually good and the hours are better. Although I'm not really sure how my take home pay compares with my peers and I'm frankly not interested to find out because my little family is doing just fine with what my hubby and I earn, so why bother with comparisons right? That will only breed either discontent or pride, none of which is particularly healthy.

I'm honestly excited about the new role I'll be taking on by Monday because it's completely different from what I've been doing as a court attorney for almost 5 years and I'll be working side by side with someone I greatly admire (as in starstruck level!). So while I will miss my friends in the Court, I must admit that I'm raring to start with the Senate and see firsthand exactly just what happens in the legislative department.

And so that's that. Maybe I'll see you again Judiciary, or maybe I won't. Text na lang kita.


edelweiza said…
You belong to a rare breed of lawyers, Jill. I admire you for choosing to serve the public. Taga gobyerno rin kasi ako kaya medyo alam ko ang pinanggagalingan mo. Hehe. Good luck sa new job mo! :)

P.S. Sa Senate ka pala, I heard maganda ang compensation package nila doon. Hehe.
grace said…
good luck mam jill :)
Hot mama! Plan ko din to serve in govt after law school, sana sa PAO or SolGen.
Jillsabs said…
Thanks everyone! :)
Jillsabs said…
First choice ko nga sana after the Court and SolGen. But then this happened, so maybe next year na lang after PSC's term ends.

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