Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Cong. Sherwin "Spammer" Gatchalian

 I've been receiving these text messages from unknown numbers with alarming regularity:

Feb. 16 from 09156823621

NEWSFLASH! Pinuri ni Cong. WIN Gatchalian ang DOTC sa plano nitong magtayo ng Bus Rapid Transport system upang solusyunan ang trapik sa Metro Manila.

And in equally important news, after lunch, I removed a fishbone lodged in between my teeth before it could go down my throat and wreak serious damage.

Apparently Cong. WIN Gatchalian's stupendous deeds as a lawmaker wasn't finished yet, because just a few minutes ago, I received another text message, and I quote:

From: +639156823845

NEWFLASH! Hinikayat ni Cong. WIN Gatchalian ang Senado na tingnan ang source ng pondo ng SAF para matukoy ang utak ng raid sa Mamasapano

Because I was in that sort of mood, I couldn't help but text back:

Eh ano ngayon? Newsworthy na pala yung ginagawa lang niya yung trabaho niya bilang congressman? Dapat bang kamaanghaan yon? Tell cong Gatchalian that all of this spamming of non newsworthy deeds has lost him a vote.

Class and elegance right there.

I don't understand why I'm being spammed by a politico from Novaliches when I'm from Paranaque. The guy's probably running for higher office next year, hence, this machine gun style spamming. Well let me just tell you now Mr. Congressman that you ain't getting my vote. Nosiree.

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