The Spending Game

I play this silly game in my mind where I deliberate over what I would do if I suddenly came upon x amount of money. It's usually good for a few minutes of entertainment when I'm really bored (like now) and serves as a gauge of what my priorities are right that very moment. Let's begin!

If I had an extra...

...One Million Pesos, I would use it to fully pay off one mortgage (Php550,000) and split the remaining money 50-50 to pay down the second mortgage and form part of our Central Europe fund for next year.

Easter 2016 in Prague!

...Five Hundred Thousand Pesos, again it would be split between paying of the mortgage and funding our Central Europe vacation, with the mortgage taking 4/5 of the cash and our vacation fund the remaining 1/5.

... One Hundred Thousand Pesos, mortgage payments would still be king but I would set aside enough cash to buy or have a cross leg dining table made. Our current dining table is plastic fantastic and I've been dying to upgrade to a wooden table. I'm really loving the distressed look and feel of this table:

One of my best childhood memories is playing under the dining table, creating forts on top of and around the table and then squeezing myself underneath it with my siblings and cousins. Thus I look forward for my son and his cousins to also discover the magic of pretend play and the endless possibilities that a dining table can offer if you only use your imagination.

... Ten Thousand Pesos, it would be spent on a dining table no doubt.

... One Thousand Pesos, I would buy a tube of Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lip Color simply because lipstick guru Rae talks so highly of it, and for someone like her who takes her lipsticks seriously to give that level of praise means that this is The One. I'm thinking a fun, pink lippie would be a nice addition to the 2-3 tubes that I already have (excluding lip balms) since my lip color arsenal is mostly limited to reds and variations of red.

Okay, enough daydreaming and back to work! No way are those pre-employment forms going to fill themselves up.


edelweiza said…
I do that, too! Pero usually, mga panalo sa lotto naman ang ini-imagine ko kahit na nga hindi naman ako tumataya. Kasi nga tumataya ng lotto ang mga biyenan ko, so iniisip ko ano gagawin sa balato namin ni hubby, if ever. Haha. My priorities include buying more stocks, paying off loans and yes, a grand vacation! :)
Anonymous said…
I do this game too sometimes! hehe...

May I ask for your advise? My mom is asking / borrowing money from me, when I told her i dont have that money, she told me that why dont I have that money, I told her most of my salary is already budgeted to our family expenses. mine mostly goes to the family's car monthly payment, my dad's medicines / needs, gas, personal effects and paying off old credit card debts ( i really want to get out of debt). My mom shoulders some of my dad's needs and mostly household utilities, housemaids salaries and food. My dad suffered from stroke and is now bed ridden. I really am honest when I say that I don't spend on unnecessary stuff. Now, I want to be honest with my mom and doesnt want her to think that I am hiding money , I plan to give her my actual salary and the breakdown of expenses so she can see for herself why cant I lend her money. Do you think this will sit well with my mom? I know that she is spending much more higher than I am for our household needs but I just want to be truthful, she might not take it positively if I gave her my salary and list of expenses. Thank you for your advise.

Jillsabs said…

I think that you will be the best person to answer if your mother will appreciate your candidness with your income and expenses, since you're the one who knows her best.

But if I were in her shoes, I would be proud to have a child who is not only responsible with his/her money but also takes it upon himself/herself to help out her parents.

I hope I was able to help out!

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