Appealing to Emotions

I have this guilty pleasure of watching sappy short videos when that time of the month draws near. I actually don't realize it at the time that I'm watching these cry-fests, but then a few days later when the first gush happens (TMI!) and while I'm eating chips, I'll be like: "So that's why I was feeling so hormonal! D'oh!"

Anyway, if there's any shred of doubt left in your mind that personal finance is closely intertwined with emotions and that financial products prey on your natural desire to protect your loved ones, then these videos from insurance companies should set you straight stat. Be sure to have some Kleenex on hand! :)

After the tears, I promise that this next video will make you smile.

While the last video will speak to everyone out there who was lured by the mall's constant siren call of sales, promos, discounts etc. etc. 

I swear, the discounts kept on coming when we shopped in Hong Kong. After paying for our purchases, we would get another voucher for a 50% discount for purchases over x amount and then that would lead to another round of discounts. It was like they didn't want us to leave the mall at all.

That's why now I only go to the mall when I need to buy something because I know how susceptible I am to overspending if I go there without a battleplan. And that's also the reason why I unsubscribe to mailing lists and unfollow Instagram accounts when I feel the retail therapy itch bubbling up again or when regret sets in after yet another unplanned purchase online. I do believe that this is something that I'll be fighting against my whole life.

That gives me an idea for my next post, I'll write about the different techniques I practice to steer clear of the shopping sirens. Until then, enjoy your weekend!


grace said…
napaiyak mo nga ako mam sa mga unang video mo, pero napatawa mo naman ako ng husto dun sa last video mo, hahah....
Jillsabs said…
Diba?! Tapos habang nanonood ng videos, kumakain ng potato chips at ice cream. #lakasngtrip

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