My Saturday Habit

The BF Saturday Market opened four weeks ago and I've been there exactly four times. We really made an effort to be there for its Valentine's Day opening but somehow just found our way there in the last three weeks because of this and that. Not that I'm complaining though, because it's so refreshing to be out and about and tasting good food on a Saturday morning. Before we had to go to Alabang just to get our Saturday market fix on, but now we only have to motor a short distance to the BF park to sate our munchies. 

Aside from enjoying the festive atmosphere in the Saturday market, I also love checking out the homemade goodies and chatting up the entrepreneur behind the brand. You want inspiration? Then go to a similar market or bazaar and talk to the person manning the stall, there you'll find creativity, business acumen and passion all rolled in one. Or maybe you'll meet an expat trotting out his/her native cuisine or taste someone's lola's specialties. 

Two of the brands that I always make a beeline for without fail are Lokalitea and Stanley x Shaw Ginger Ale.

At 100p per cup or 200p a bottle, I drink the ginger ale ever so slowly, relishing every sip because it's so good but so mahalia as well! Lokalitea at 50p per bottle is kinder on my wallet but is every bit as refreshing.

For mains, I like the inasal and Vietnamese stalls best, although a noodle place also opened last week so that has pretty much shaken up my routine.

As you can probably tell by now, I tend to lose control when I visit the Saturday market and end up spending more than I should. It's the takaw tingin thing at work here, or maybe just plain katakawan? I have already tamed my shopping demon but I still have to work on curbing my food fair bad habit. Maybe instead of going every week, I'll just go every two weeks to keep my spending in check.

But for all the other Southerners out there, please go and check out our very own BF Saturday market, it's still not as well stocked as the Makati markets but hopefully in due time and with our support, we'll reach that level too.

See you at the market!


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