Thursday, April 2, 2015

2015 First Quarter Net Worth Report

It's that time of the year again when I check on my investments, crunch some numbers and see how our net worth is doing. I honestly wasn't looking forward to this quarter's net worth report because with my two month salary delay brought about by moving to a new job, it's been all about seeing the money go out without any coming in. Again, thank goodness for our emergency funds that pretty much sustained us for the past month and will hopefully be enough to keep us alive for the next few weeks.

I was very surprised to see that despite my lack of income these past few weeks, our net worth still registered a slight increase. This was brought about by modest gains in my stocks and FAMI SALEF (equity mutual funds), which increased by 11.5% and 8.4% respectively. I remember whining in my last net worth post about how disappointed I was with my FAMI SALEF's dismal performance and then it suddenly revved up to post 8.4% gains in three months, after almost zero movement for the second half of 2014. And that is why stocks and equity funds are likened to a rollercoaster, those highs and lows sometimes seem to come out of nowhere.

Unfortunately, whatever gains I may have experienced from my investments were almost wiped out by the depreciation of my car. I thought long and hard if I would account for depreciation when appraising my car's value, but then I realized that if I wanted to be as accurate as possible in computing for my net worth then depreciation should definitely be factored in. In the same vein, I also should consider the appreciation of our condo units' market price, but since I really don't have a fair gauge of its value, I'll just continue listing it at the price I know a similar unit was sold for last year.

The liabilities column also saw little improvement as I couldn't afford to make extra payments on our mortgage these past few months. I was able to lop off about Php16,000 from my debt to my parents though before I asked for a moratorium when I found out I would be moving jobs. That then brings our debt to the Bank of Mom and Dad to a total of Php243,806.10, with payments to resume by May when I start receiving my salary. The grand plan is to fully pay off our debt to them before the year ends, but I'll be just as happy if we can bring down our debt to at least Php100,000 within the year.

In summary, between the depreciation of my car and increase in value of my investments, not to mention my lack of income and my husband's collection issues (seriously, being a freelancer is so stressful! Magbayad na po sana ang mga clients ng asawa ko.) our household net worth only increased by a pitiful 0.3%. However, I'm very positive that things will pick up in time for the mid year report since I'll already have money coming in by then, and I won't be surprised if our net worth zooms in the third and fourth quarters because of the scheduled bonuses (Wheeee!). So until then, I will simply hoard our cash, account for every peso that leaves our coffers and pray that the monetization check from my last job will finally be ready for pickup. Actually, despite the two month salary delay, it's not really as financially stressful as my drama queen self paints it to be since my office does allow us to take out salary advances. So if our emergency funds run out and my monetization check doesn't make it in time, I can always take out a salary advance. Easy peasy.


  1. Nakaka-inspire naman 'tong net worth report mo. It's generally positive, ha. Parang gusto ko na rin gumawa ng ganito, unfortunately, hindi ako magaling sa paggawa ng graphs. Haha. For now, kuntento na muna ako sa pag-update ng SAL-N ko, pasahan na pa naman this month. :)

  2. Madali lang gumawa ng graphs! I use this site for my pie chart:

  3. I'll check it out. Thanks, Jill! :)

  4. Gusto ko din gumawa nang ganitong monitoring. I know kung ano yung tumaas at bumaba sa assets ko, pero I don't have a big picture. Haha, di ko alam kung net increase or net decrease ba.

  5. It's always scary to start because once you know if positive or negative yung net worth mo, you won't have the bliss of ignorance to hang on to:p

    But once you start, it becomes a great way to track your progress. Numbers don't lie kasi.

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