Busy, Busy Saturday

Last Saturday, instead of puttering around the house to finish chores or visiting the BF Saturday market for breakfast, I prepared my son for a full day of fun and excitement over at his cousins' house. Mama has an event to go to in the morning and a bridal shower in the evening. Oh yes, social life here we come!

First up was brunch care of the people behind MoneyMax.ph, a.k.a. the Agoda or Skyscanner of car insurance. Money Max is basically a comparison website for car insurance. They do the comparing so you won't have to.

"MoneyMax.ph has been helping Filipino families save time and money since 2013. We are a website that provides up-to-date, unbiased information on essential financial products and educates consumers about them. Through MoneyMax.ph's comparison engine, it's easy to find great deals on car insurance premiums, housing loans, and other products."

Jorrit Koop, Managing Director of MoneyMax.ph, gave a brief talk and discussed in passing how his mother has been buying car insurance online for the past decade. He emphasized that it was inevitable that the Philippines will also follow the same path, with price comparison sites becoming the norm worldwide.

I fully support this development because it really is such a hassle to have to canvass car insurance prices (or any other type of insurance or service for that matter), but my question is as regards claims. Will MoneyMax be able to provide the needed assistance that a flesh and blood, dedicated insurance agent can?

From my family's experience, my parents were spoiled by our car insurance agent, Tito Romy, because he reminded my parents yearly when it was time to renew their insurance and took over when it came to claims. Can MoneyMax deliver as well as our Tito Romy?

After the brunch, I went down to attend the Family FQ Workshop by the Faustos. I was sadly unable to catch Marvin Fausto's talk but was just in time to hear Rose "The FQ Mom" Fausto give her piece.

It was inspiring to hear how she and her husband undertook to raise financially savvy and intelligent boys, but I was even more impressed when I listened to the Fausto boys. Martin, Enrique and Anton seemed so comfortable speaking before a big crowd and explained financial issues with ease, breaking them down into bite-sized pieces to make it easy even for the young children in the audience to grasp and comprehend.

I bought a copy of Rose Fausto's "Raising Pinoy Boys" and I hope that by reading it from cover to cover, my own son will be as well-rounded and financially literate as the Fausto boys. I'll try to make a separate review of her book soon.

And for the bridal shower, let me just say that I squealed and laughed so hard that night that I'm surprised my voice still sounded normal the following morning. Also, if someone needs a recommendation for a bridal shower "entertainer" then just get in touch with me and I'll gladly share the deets ;-)


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