Renovation Phases

After countless delays and glacier like movement, my "money papers" were finally submitted to the accounting office so I should be getting my backpay in 2-3 weeks. Hooray! With money in the horizon, it's time to buckle down and start planning our condo renovation.

I initially thought that a budget of Php50,000 will be more than enough, but since just to have a doorway between the condo units will already eat up half of that (Php25,000 for a hole in the wall! Arayko.), I realized that our renovation plans will have to be done in phases, to make it easier on the budget and give us time to save up.

Phase 1 is intended to give us access to the second unit. I also want to be able to use and enjoy the second unit ASAP so the priority is to finish the kitchen and have a dining table installed. The dining table will also serve a secondary purpose of being our "duck cover and hold" site since I've been attending disaster preparedness seminars care of my office and have been preparing for the big one (aka West Valley fault line). I'll blog about that separately in another post.

Anyway, we already had some work done previously on the kitchen (read post here) and this is how it looks now:

We just need to install some doors for the cabinet, add a backsplash and maybe change the hardware. I will also have a work station/island built for extra storage and a prep area. I have my heart set on something like this:

For the dining table, I want something solid and non-fussy that will be the site of our family meals and will just as easily provide shelter in the event of the big one. These beauties are my pegs:

Sources: 1, 2, 3

Last for Phase 1 is a shoe cabinet.

Proposed budget:
  • Doorway = Php25,000
  • Kitchen unit = Php15,000
  • Work area = Php15,000
  • Table = Php15,000
  • Shoe cabinet = Php5,000 
Total = Php75,000

Let's see if we can stay within budget. Renovations are so expensive!

Phase 2 will cover the living room and we'll have a sofa with trundle bed made (the trundle bed is for the yaya) and install a console with drawers which will be for extra storage and for the yaya's things. Phase 2 will also include repainting the second unit. Here are my furniture pegs:

Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4

I haven't set a budget yet for Phase 2, but I bet it will be upwards of Php50,000 but will hopefully not reach Php60,000.

In Phase 3, we will finally tackle the bathrooms for both units, but majority of the budget will go to the second unit because it needs the most work. I only have a vague notion of how I want the second bathroom to look, so I'll make another post for that some other time, probably when we're done with the first two phases because it's hard for me to think of Phase 3 when we haven't even started with the first two phases yet. Apparently there's a limit to my planning powers.

So that's that. Expect more home renovation posts here in the future. And if my next net worth post again proves lackluster, at least I'll be eating dinner with my family on our new dining table.


edelweiza said…
Yes, I have to agree phase by phase is the smarter way to do it. It's also important to allot more money than what's been estimated. Good luck on the renovations! :)
Jillsabs said…
You're so right on allotting a buffer to your budget. Ang mahal magpa renovate!
We are also saving for the interior fit-out of our apartment (for rent) in Naga. I want it to do in phases because we don’t have that much cash. However, my husband doesn’t like the idea. Baka mas mahal daw. We haven’t decided yet. We will argue pa. Hehe.
Good luck on your house renovation.
Jillsabs said…
Good luck to you too!

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