A Spendy Weekend

The weekend isn't over yet but I'm already reeling from how much we've spent so far. Not good at all.

It started when my mom called yesterday as we were getting ready to go to the SMX MOA travel fair. She said that their Ormoc-Cebu ferry had been cancelled because of bad weather so she asked me to rebook their Cebu-Bacolod flight that afternoon to Monday (there's no direct flight from Ormoc or Tacloban to Bacolod). Rebooking fee was Php1,500 with PAL and then multiply that by 4, so that's already Php6,000. Ouch.

At least I'll be able to apply those rebooking fees to what I owe my parents, bringing down my debt to the Bank of Mom and Dad to exactly Php232,235.47.

We then went to the SMX MOA travel fair where I was disappointed to find that the prices of the airline tickets offered were not that different from the online prices. Someone said that for the big discounts, you have to go directly to the airline booths. But considering the long lines and the fact that we had a toddler with us, it didn't seem wise to wait for hours in line. 

We ate out twice yesterday. Twice! First in Cafe Breton in MOA and then at Cafe France in SM Sucat after we did our weekly grocery run. And on top of that, we also ate out twice last week. So it hasn't been a good week for our budget at all.

Saturday was better when it came to eating out, although I did meet up with some girlfriends at the BF Saturday Market. The hubby cooked a big batch of adobo which we had for lunch and which will make a reappearance for dinner, unless we can come up with some other ulam for dinner. No way am I ordering in.

We were supposed to go to the Pinto Museum in Antipolo tomorrow but we'll probably go some other weekend instead because of a surprise lunch invitation (free food!) and I haven't been feeling 100% since yesterday.

The challenge for me is coming up with weekend activities that will satisfy the whole family but not be too expensive. If I had my way, we would stay in the whole weekend, doing chores and watching pirated movies. I'm out the whole week for work so the idea of staying in is pure bliss. But it's the opposite for my hubby who works at home, he sees weekends as a time to go out, go on road trips etc. Again, a compromise must be made.

I think I'll try planning a zero spending weekend one of these days. Let's see how this will work out.


edelweiza said…
I'm excited about that zero spending weekend! I need inspiration. I'll watch out for that! :)
rach said…
I will watch out for that too though to be honest, the moment you step out of the house, may gastos na agad though we do try to make it as minimal as possible.

Though this is impossible with most of the prices going up but food portions are also getting smaller and smaller :/

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