Balay Indang at Indang, Cavite

Work has been pretty hectic these days, which is surprising considering that it's the session break. In fact just last week, I attended an overnight planning session in Indang Cavite. It was my first time in that part of Cavite and I was surprised at how lush and quiet it was, a far cry from one of my least favorite places, Bacoor. I thought all of Cavite was like overcrowded Bacoor, but apparently gems like Indang also exist within the province.

The seminar was held at Balay Indang, a bed and breakfast that also provides a venue for bigger events like weddings and corporate gatherings. Because of its lush surroundings and numerous shaded pathways, it was such a treat to go exploring around the property even in the middle of the day.

I couldn't help but compare Balay Indang to Sonya's Garden because it more or less evoked the same feel. But while Sonya's Garden boasted manicured gardens with a very strong country theme, Balay Indang had a confused, or eclectic if you're going to be kind, vibe going on which added to its charm IMHO.

Balay Indang had a very strong religious undercurrent, but there were also harlequins  and buddhas mixed in with the biblical reference. Maybe it's a suggestion to keep things fun and unpredictable? Whatever it is, I found myself smiling several times during my stay there because of the blatant ironies.

Let's talk about the food now. It was awesome. Again, there was no pervading theme with the menu, but it would probably what would be served in your house if you had a fantastic cook with generations worth of recipes in her arsenal. 

Balay Indang is near enough for a daytrip, but I think spending the night there would be a much better deal as you can take your time in doing nothing. Stroll the gardens, take a nap in one of the many couches and benches dotting the property and gorge yourself on the food. Solb.

Hello from the titos and titas of Manila! 

* Balay Indang, Indang Cavite is at 88 Mahabang Kahoy Cerca, Indang Cavite. There are several ways to get there, but from what the other participants said, the Tagaytay route seems to be the most convenient way to get to Balay Indang. Here's a map using the Tagaytay route:


  1. I have seen a blog post about this place before and am thinking of spending some time there when the weather is a bit cooler ;)

    1. I highly recommend a visit to Balay Indang. Although I don't accept walk-ins, so it's best to make a reservation before traveling there.

    2. I will put that in one of our date places to go :) thanks for the heads up din regarding making a reservation first.

  2. Ouch, we are residents of Bacoor now. It's crowded, alright, and the inner roads are narrow, but there are still villages inside that are quiet and relaxing. Ours is one of them. Pag labas mo, ayun ibang mundo na. Hehe.

    What I also like about Bacoor is its proximity to Metro Manila and Tagaytay. Ang least fave ko na part of Cavite ay ang buong kahabaan ng Aguinaldo Hi-way kasi super traffic lalo na pag rush hour, parang EDSA lang. Buti na lang sa Molino Blvd. ang daan namin pauwi ng house.

    1. Oooops, I forgot that you're from Bacoor. Sorry about that :(

      But really, I used to go to Bacoor 2-3x a week for work before and I don't remember having a pleasant experience. The courtrooms were old and dated, the toilet disgusting and the traffic was always bad going there.

      I'm glad to know though that there are quiet neighborhoods in Bacoor. How sad would it be if the whole of Bacoor was noisy and congested.

    2. I think the LGU is doing a good job. Madami na pagbabago sa Bacoor ngayon, required na ang mga CCTVs sa mga subds., may waste management na ipinapatupad, may mga traffic lights na rin on major roads, visible ang mga traffic enforcers, meron pa nga isinusulong na citizen ID system. I don't know much about the drug problem, though. At hindi ko lang din alam if nagkaroon na ng make-over ang mga courtrooms, hehe. You know how it is in gov't offices, ang hirap ng budget for beautification dyan. :)

      P.S. Balay Indang is such a charming place. Sana makavisit din ako one time.


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