Our First No-Spending Weekend

This happened quite by accident. It was the weekend that followed successive school cancellations because of Typhoon Egay, hence, we had no choice but to stay indoors because of the bad weather. Surprisingly, we survived our very first no-spending weekend without going nuts or tearing each other's eyes out. I'll probably add to this list in time, but here's what we did right to achieve zero spending last weekend.

1. Go grocery shopping alone -the typical scenario is my husband and I bring our son and his yaya with us when we shop for groceries, and afterwards we eat out. If we eat at the foodcourt, we spend an average of Php500 and we spend double that if we go to a restaurant. It's the same thing if it's only my husband and I, we still end up eating out. But if I go grocery shopping alone, I can skip spending on food by eating first before heading to the market. 

2. Eat first before grocery shopping - in connection with the above, if our tummies are full before leaving the house then there will be no need to eat out after. Also, it has been proven that grocery shopping while hungry is not a good idea. Not only will you end up spending more, you'll also end up buying more high-calorie items. 

3. Cook once but in big batches- we usually end up ordering in during the weekend because either we run out of food or we're too lazy to cook. Numbers 1 and 2 will solve the running out of food problem, while cooking in big batches and then heating food as needed is an easy solution to the lazies.

4. Catch up on flicks- we lined up three movies for Saturday and Sunday and it was a great way to chip away at our backlog of movies. 

5. Potluck with friends/family - my sister and kids just came back from vacation in Bacolod and that meant a whole lotta shrimps from our tita's farm. We  brought spaghetti and plonked down to eat and chat while the kids ran around and created their own memories.

In between the movies and reheating of food, I also spent lots of time just lying in bed with my son, reading to him, watching cartoons, singing to and with him, having tickle fests etc. Soon enough, my son will think that he's too cool to hang out with his mama and papa, but now while he still has no choice, it's family bonding time for you Mister Ace!

I will try to orchestrate another no-spending weekend but this time with a daytrip, instead of staying at home. Let's see if I can pull off bringing baon or a picnic for everyone without anyone complaining. Wish me luck!


By zero spending I mean no spending for restaurants and entertainment. I'm not including grocery shopping into that because that's an essential and part of our weekly household schedule.


Good luck po sa pagbabudget at sana maachieve nyo yung no spending weekend for this month! :)
Anonymous said…
Your posts have been inspiring to me, Jill. I can so relate with your struggles and your aspirations. I have documented my journey as well here: http://thesimplelivingpinoy.weebly.com/ so that I can look back sometime in the future and appreciate my journey to financial independence.

Please continue to inspire.
Neri Ann said…
Every weekend, instead of going to the mall, we will just watch movies at home with homemade popcorns! And we will just play with the twins all day!


Jillsabs said…
Uy, homemade popcorn sounds great! We'll try to do the same during our home movie dates.
Jillsabs said…
Hello, I tried to add your blog to my blogroll but it won't appear for some reason. Anyway, I think how you managed to increase your networth in less than a year is really inspiring and I'll be following your blog from now on.
For us naman, a no spending weekend requires no effort. Ang tatamad kasi naming lumabas. Haha.
As to grocery shopping, it's really wise to do it alone or with the yaya/househelp. And a grocery list is a MUST! haha
Anonymous said…
i mentioned you here:

PS: im not putting a link to create traffic or troll, im just sharing my current dilemma and that this kind of post is really helpful to me. more posts please.cheers!
edelweiza said…
Galing! That's true, grocery shopping while hungry is a big no-no. Pero ang madalas na problema namin pag nag-gogrocery, yung pagiging takaw tingin namin. So far, ang nagagawa ko pa lang, 50% ng weekend budget ko ang nase-save ko. If hindi siguro mag-aaya mamasyal ang husband ko, baka mag zero spending na rin kami. Hehe. :)

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