Construction Updates

As I am writing this (Day 5), the carpenter/ worker is working on the cement finish to the doorway and has just brought out the grinder, so excuse me while I duck into the bedroom to escape the noise and dust. 

(After a minute or two)

Now where was I?

The great condo merger project finally started last Tuesday when a doorway was created between our two units. The condo admin gave an estimate of 6 working days to complete the doorway, saying that they can usually finish in 3 working days but wanted to give themselves some leeway as room for errors.

In one day, an unmistakable hole was already created between the two units. I was amazed at how quickly the worker was able to tear down a portion of the wall with his jackhammer. I thought it would take longer.

Day 1

As you can imagine, both units after Day 1 looked like something exploded in them, and in a way, that was what kind of what happened. We packed off the kid and his pregnant yaya to my sister's house where they spent the next 4 days while the constructions and clean-up were ongoing.

The next few days were no longer as noisy, as the major work had already been done and all that was left was to cut out the steel braces, smoothen out the edges of the doorway and clear out the rubble. But the dust was (IS!) still everywhere, so on Day 5 of constructions, we are still looking at days and days of cleaning and sorting ahead of us.

My husband's work desk had to give way to the new doorway, hence his makeshift workstation in the other unit. And as is the usual trend with his line of work, the moment we go on vacation or something happens that disrupts our normal lives (like condo constructions), he suddenly gets a new project that necessitates that he works round the clock. But I'm not complaining because that means that his famine days will soon be over and the feast is just around the corner.

At least someone was fascinated with all the mess, or rather treasures and adventures to be discovered if we were to see it from my son's POV.

The doorway will be finished by Monday or Tuesday, then after that, the bookshelf will be repurposed and repainted to serve as my husband's work area. If we end up happy with how the bookshelf/ work desk will turn out, we'll commission the same guy to make our stacked, louvered shoes and linen closets.

The clutter and dust is everywhere and my frugal heart bleeds when I think of how much we've spent and will be spending on the renovations. But the other day, in between cleaning, my husband and I, together with our cleaning lady, cleared one of the small tables and had a lunch of rice, fried GG and sliced tomatoes. It was a simple and filling lunch AND the first sit down meal I've ever had with my husband in our condo. Or maybe we've had meals before pre-renovation, but nothing really stands out. All I remember is shoveling food in my mouth as quickly as I can so that he can have his turn eating, or vice versa. Now we can all eat together, enjoying our meals and time together. Having more space also means that I can finally have friends and family over for movie night or chika time. That for me makes all the dust and expenses worth it.


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