Freebie Alert!

I'm not sure if I mentioned this before but I finally made my Registered Financial Planner status official by paying the membership fee last July, after my financial plan got approved in February. At first I was hesitant to shell out the Php5,000 fee because I still had no clear idea what to do with my RFP status, but with the six month grace period about to end and the thought of wasting all those months I spent on the course and my financial plan bearing down on me, I finally bit the bullet and just paid up.

Right now, I'm still not certain if I want to go full steam ahead as an RFP because I do enjoy my day job and I'm hesitant for a major change at this point in my family's life, so I'll go at it with baby steps. And this is where you, my readers, will benefit.

I am offering free financial coaching for one year plus a comprehensive financial plan to a Frugal Honey reader. To qualify, you must be:
  • able to meet up with me in SM BF, Alabang Town Center or SM Southmall at least once for a chat. 
  • comfortable talking about your financial issues. Full disclosure is important here because that's the only way that I can craft your personalized financial plan.
If I pick you, you'll get a comprehensive financial plan and monthly check-up calls/ emails to monitor your progress. You will also be able to text me at any time for your questions or for advice, although I'm giving you advance notice now that I usually text back only during working hours. Our sessions will be strictly confidential and you don't need to worry that you'll suddenly be mentioned here on my blog.

I find that anyone with a calculator can crunch the required numbers needed for a financial plan, but a great financial planner takes each client as a unique case because each person IS unique and there is no such thing as a cookie cutter solution for everyone. As your financial planner, I endeavor to provide a solution to your most pressing financial problems and then guide you towards financial freedom. It's a tall order but I'm confident that it's doable. 

So if you're interested in what I'm offering, shoot me an email at with the subject "Financial Coaching" and convince me why I should pick you. I will pick the winner on September 4 and we can get to work right away.

Enjoy the long weekend everyone!


Anonymous said…
Di pwede taga cebu, ma'an? Bisan adto.on pa ka nako moalboal. Hehe!
Anonymous said…
Congrats Jill! =)
rach said…
Awww, did someone win already? :(

congrats to the winner! (I am happy but feels too hard to show it). Ang arte! hahaha
Jillsabs said…
Yup, I already chose a winner and we're in the thick of our coaching sessions :)

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