Quick Updates

It's killing me how little I've posted these past two months. From 5-6 posts in April to July, to only 2 posts in August and September, I've definitely not been the most conscientious of bloggers. Despite the lack of posts though, I have had a bunch of ideas for posts swirling inside my head, so before they totally disappear, let me write them down as a reminder of the topics I intend to tackle in the next few weeks:

  • Book reviews on Money Manifesto, No Nonsense Personal Finance and 9 to 5 Millionaire
  • Thoughts on being the breadwinner in my family
  • Planning for my son's education
  • Good habits to cultivate in order to save money
  • Buy Nothing Project
  • Construction Wrap-up
  • Trip to Taal, Batangas
My third quarter net worth report will also be up pretty soon and I'm kind of scared to see how my assets fared considering the recently concluded ghost month. At least I'm sure that my liabilities went down, since I've been active in paying off my debt to the Bank of Mom and Dad these past few months.

I've already talked about the hiccup in our condo renovation with our very flaky carpenter. Let me reassure everyone that the requisite lessons from this experience have been duly internalized and I will never, ever advance payment again for services yet to be rendered.

We're now searching for a new carpenter to finish less than a week's worth of work and I'm hoping that we'll be able to unveil our new space before the month ends.

I was interviewed by MoneyMax.ph for the second time today (read the first interview here), and while I liked how the first interview turned out, which was done via email, I enjoyed the second one more because it was over hot chocolate with someone equally interested with personal finance as I am (Hi Bea!). Maybe it's because people don't really talk about money, since it's supposedly not a subject for polite conversation, that I get excited when I find someone I can chat about personal finance with.

I fantasize about writing about personal finance full time. Writing well-researched posts that still have a personal touch, like those in The Simple Dollar, and helping people overcome their financial struggles. But for now, I have about 1.1M reasons (a.k.a. my mortgage balance) to stay employed. However, once those reasons are duly dispensed with, hopefully in about 2-3 years time, then it's time to re-evaluate what I'm going to do with my interest in personal finance.


edelweiza said…
Those are all great topics, Jill. I can't wait to read your posts on them especially the one about being a breadwinner as I used to be one. I sometimes think I'm still the breadwinner in my side of the family because I'm still the one that contribute the largest share in the family expenses. Hindi ko pa mapag-contribute ng mas malaki ang mga kapatid ko (na single pa naman lahat) kasi gusto ko ieenjoy muna nila sweldo nila at gusto ko rin sila makapag-ipon.

I also enjoy talking to people as interested to personal finance as I am! :)
Gusto ko yung Buy Nothing Project. I think I can do that too. I will wait for that post.

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