Building a Home

IMG_2807We started condo constructions sometime in August by creating a doorway and joining the two units together. Things didn't go as scheduled as they were held up by our unprofessional carpenter, nonetheless, although  the work was not  100% finished by the time December rolled in, we did not hesitate to host my family for Noche Buena. Packing 30 people (babies and adults alike) in 60sqm made for a very tight space and it was inevitable that things would get knocked over and for people to bump into things, but I would gladly do it all over again. My secret dream of becoming a hostess with the mostest, ala Nigella Lawson and Ina Garten, is finally making itself known.

IMG_2821All of my major to-dos when we began construction have been accomplished, so now we get to enjoy our kitchen and living area on a daily basis (we actually have a sofa!! Yes, it's second hand and it seriously needs a new cover, but it's ours and we got it for free. Woohoo!). We also have two huge cabinets to house all sorts of stuff, from my husband's toolboxes to linens, towels, cleaning materials etc.

IMG_2808I also love how we can now gather around the kitchen table to eat breakfast and lunch, and ever since my husband moved the TV from our room to the living area, we can even watch TV Patrol while having dinner, like a normal Filipino family :p

IMG_2811Once I finished with my initial list, I found a new list of things to do and since my construction budget has already been depleted, I have no choice but to go slowly and save up for the next few pieces of furniture. So now I stalk home and furniture sites and am seriously contemplating going to Rockwell to check out a furniture store. Not that I have the budget for now, but a girl can dream right?

IMG_2812Moving on to my list, we still need a console under the TV to house the yaya's things, pillows and blanket, as well as a bedframe, since our mattress is on the floor. We also have to decide what to do with the entryway and the cabinets which used to be on top of the rotting kitchen area. Do we build a counter under the cabinets or will a tiny table do for the entryway? Another thing I'd love to have is a bench across the shoe cabinet so that I can sit down while removing or putting on my shoes. And the living/kitchen area needs a new paintjob.

IMG_2815While our space will probably never make it on to any glossy, for us it's home and the actualization of our hard work and planning. It's exciting to think that our home is slowly growing with us, reflecting our aspiration to always be better than we were in the past. It took a while but I've actually fallen in love with our tiny space, roaches and all, and am even contemplating making this our forever home. Mind you that this isn't just sentimentality talking because we're well on our way to demolishing our mortgage in about 3-5 years and with no more mortgage looming over our heads, we can ramp up our investments and be well on our way to financial independence in 10 years time. How awesome is that right?

But that's all in the future and as the past has taught me, the future holds all sorts of surprises so it's best to not plan the minutiae and to create enough buffer that will allow you to roll along with life's punches. In short, have an emergency fund in place and continuously grow your net worth. For the present though, I intend to enjoy my tiny house and the lovely people that inhabit it.

1939669_10153505001133649_2683737942262990435_nHappy holidays everyone!


edelweiza said…
Happy New Year, Jill and family! At first, I was also quite anxious hosting Media Noche for 11 people at our marital home in Bacoor, but it turned out to be fun and manageable. Medyo siksikan sa house pero ang saya-saya namin. Aba, kung 30 mas lalong masaya yun. Hehe. Saw the bike and remembered my husband itching to buy one. Sabi ko pag may budget na kami, sa ngayon dami pa mga bayarin. :)
Jillsabs said…
Happy new year to you too Edel!

The bike is not one of those fancy mountain bikes na uso ngayon. It's an old bike that my husband bought for cheap and he intends to restore. We'll probably mount that on the wall since we really don't have any other space for it and it's not safe to leave it outside.

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