Merry Christmas!


Before anything else, Merry Christmas to all my dear readers! I sincerely hope that you welcomed Christmas the way it should be done, surrounded by those you most love dearly.

This Christmas was extra special for my tiny brood because we played host to my family, packing as much as 30 people in our tiny home. I must confess that I was just a wee bit anxious during the days leading up to Noche Buena, wondering if our space was clean/ spacious/ comfortable/ cold/ other concerns enough for our guests. As it turned out, it wasn't too small but cozy. It never became clean enough because torn wrapping paper and unwrapped presents were all over the place. It was the first time that my family was complete in celebrating Christmas and it was perfect.


Opportunities like these are sadly becoming rare since my parents have moved to the province and it's getting harder and harder for all 5 siblings to sync our schedules together to organize a get-together, so when it does happen, I cherish every last bit of it.

Once again, have a blessed and meaningful Christmas everyone! May His message of peace and hope find a home in each heart around the world.


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