2015 4Q Net Worth Report

The last quarter of 2015 has been rough on my equity investments, while the next few months show no sign of easing up as well. Forget Pantone's colors of the year, it looks as if screaming red is going to be this year's hue. Despite the lackluster and pathetic performance of my stocks and mutual funds, my net worth still managed to post a 3% increase from the third quarter. I'm still way below my goal of a double digit increase though, so there's a serious need to work it.

I've been tracking my expenses for the last few months and I've come to the undeniable conclusion that I've been practicing faux frugality all this time. I've always thought that I was frugal because compared to my peers, I don't spend as much on clothes, makeup, shoes, gadgets, eating out etc. etc. But as the numbers showed, our budget had a lot of tiny leaks that simply passed under my radar. As it turned out, my frugal senses were rusty and outdated.

For someone who knows and extols the importance of an emergency fund, why is it that I can never seem to reach my goal? And if I'm really serious about financial independence, then why do the numbers say otherwise? The last few months on expense tracking have really been such an eye-opener.

I'm on my third month of listing down every single thing that I spend on and although I'm still refining the categories that I'll be using, a pattern is already beginning to show where our top two expenses are on shelter (mortgage, condo dues, renovation and repair) and food (groceries, eating out, work lunch). I'll write a more detailed post on how this expense tracking business is working out.

Ok, back to numbers. Here's how our assets looked for the last quarter of 2015:

ChartGo 4q2015

Our assets are still very much skewed towards real estate and it's just not acceptable anymore. If you note some exasperation in my tone then you're right, I'm exasperated with myself. Every time I write these reports, I make a note about how unhealthy it is financially for our assets to be so real estate heavy, but do I make any move to change it? Nope. Anuber!

But now that I'm tracking my expenses and becoming more conscientious about spending our resources, that 79% for condos is going down and savings and investments will go up. Make it happen woman! Enough with your excuses and mindless spending.

Ang galing ko ba mag pep talk?:p

My investments and savings barely moved from the third quarter, and I chalk this up to the sad performance of equities in the last few months. As for my savings, I've had to dip into my emergency funds to help out some family members. On the flipside though, whatever amount I took out from my emergency funds was credited towards my debt to my parents. It had the positive effect of bringing down my liabilities, but since those were unplanned payments, they still affected my budget.

Looking forward, as I already said in my last post, this year will be all about developing a habit of saving. This is the year I'll reach my emergency funds goal and then after that, start a car fund, since our car is already showing signs of breaking down and probably has only 2-3 years left in her.

Okidoki, that's it pansit. Until the next net worth report!


  1. Come to think of it, the fact that you've been practicing frugality all this time means you're on the right track. This new year gives you another opportunity to do better in building up your emergency funds. I know you can do it, Jill! :)

    P.S. Galing ko rin magpep talk diba? Haha. Basta, naisip ko lang, may time pa naman tayo bumawi if hindi man tayo masyadong satisfied sa financial accomplishments natin last year. :)

  2. Hi Edel,

    Semi-frugality lang pala, frugal in some aspects and not in others. But it's a start right?

    And ang galing mo nga mag pep-talk! Thanks :)

  3. I tried tracking my expenses but it is really difficult. I had never been successful.

    It was the same in saving for my emergency funds until I found a solution. It is not the ideal arrangement but it is working so far.

    I am saving in national bond (it is government owned) and I gave an standing instructions to my bank to debit a certain amount monthly from my salary.

    It is working so far for the last one year. Since withdrawing the funds takes extra effort, i end up most of the time finding another solution rather than withdrawing the money from national bonds.

    So far, I reached 30% of my target emergency fund since I opted for this saving scheme.

  4. When it comes to personal finance and reaching our savings/investment goals, there really is no one right way, it's a "whatever works for you" kind of solution. And it's clear that what you're doing now is working, so no need to feel bad that your system of saving is not the norm :)


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