Thursday, February 25, 2016

How to Open a BPI Save Up Account

One of the easiest way to save money, be it for your emergency funds, future travel, dream bag etc, is to automate it. The idea is to whisk money straight from your account into a separate account that's intended for a special purpose, this way, there will be less temptation to get your grubby hands on your cash because it's already gone (of course, it's not really gone, it's merely in a separate account from your regular/payroll account).

When it comes to automated savings, I cannot recommend BPI Save Up enough because not only does it make it easy to save, it also bundles life insurance with your ATM savings account. Aside from BPI, the only other bank I know that offers automated savings is Land Bank,* but the latter does not offer life insurance, making BPI the more attractive alternative.

Friday, February 12, 2016

How to Defeat Debt For Good

I was in Quezon City for a meeting yesterday and my husband went with me since he also had some business to attend to in the area. My meeting ended at about 3pm, but with the almost 3 hour travel time that we endured just to get to Quezon City from Paranaque, I thought twice about going back to my office in Pasay, because what would most probably happen is that I would arrive with an hour to spare before the office closed. I knew that there was nothing important pending in the office that couldn't wait until next week, but we were scheduled to receive our salary and a bonus yesterday and I have to pay a credit card bill tomorrow. However, when I checked my active account, I realized that I had just about enough to pay off my credit card bill and even if I didn't, I could tap into my emergency funds and then simply replenish those accounts next week when I receive my money. And so we didn't go back to Pasay, instead we spent quality time at the grocery (parents can relate to this I'm sure) and went home early to our son.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Expense Tracking

It feels so good to be writing again! The past few weeks have been super hectic and stressful, to the point that I was already suffering from an upset stomach and experiencing mild anxiety attacks. But I survived and I've learned that no matter how I try to avoid stress and stressful situations, they are part and parcel of life so I must find a way to effectively manage and deal with them. Another thing I discovered was that I do not succumb to stress eating, in fact I do just the opposite and have to force myself to eat in stressful situations. All the more reason to manage my stress, otherwise I'll end up starving myself to death.

But at least it's over and while I can't scream freedom just yet because something equally challenging is looming ahead, I know that the worst is behind me and that I survived the trenches. Whew.