On Advocacies and Randell Tiongson

This March, in celebration of Women's Month, the city government of Taguig and our office, organized a series of talks to empower, educate and entertain the women of Taguig. We included financial literacy/education for this year's lecture series and the first person on my list to deliver the talk was Randell Tiongson.


Thankfully, despite the very small monetary token and even without knowing that there was a monetary token, Randell Tiongson immediately said yes to our invitation. He's probably one of the highest paid speakers in the personal finance circuit these days and he makes regular trips abroad in order to educate OFWs, in short, he's a big deal. But he still said yes to our small time event because the attendees were the women beneficiaries of the Pantawid Pampamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps) or the Conditional Cash Transfer of Taguig City.

12809634_10156581490775156_2774045026241731447_nAnd he totally killed it. He had the crowd of nanays doubling over at his jokes, but it wasn't all just fun and games because he was able to successfully deliver his message loud and clear, that you are responsible for your own financial security and that you can't depend on others for your well-being. Bravo!

I was able get him to sign my copy of Money Manifesto and he even threw in a free copy of his new book Everyday Moneyfesto 365 Days of No Nonsense Financial Advice for good measure. Thanks Randell!

8381_10156581602885156_7804188285169554721_n(1)I wasn't the only one who came home with a free book too, because at the end of his talk, he announced that he was raffling off copies of his books to the participants. I thought that he would give away 3 copies, 5 at most, but he ended up sharing around 2 dozen copies of his first book No Nonsense Personal Finance and his current work Everyday Moneyfesto. Wowza. Talk about walking the talk on being an advocate for financial literacy.

I've always enjoyed his talks but found his books a little underwhelming since they're a little bland, which is so unlike his personality on stage. However, now that I've met him and experienced his generosity and kindness firsthand, I have officially become a fan. Thank you so much Mr. Randell Tiongson!

Speaking of advocacies, I also gave a talk on personal finance this week at a government agency headed by a friend. I basically recycled the talk I gave 3 years ago (Cake and Personal Finance) but updated and tweaked it to coincide with Women's Month, since the activity had to comply with the Gender and Development guidelines.

P_20160304_100116(1)The turnout was way smaller than the Taguig activity (think 35-40 people vs 500 people) but the butterflies were still there because that's what public speaking does to me.

My husband went with me (thanks hon!) and he said that I talked too fast and some of the ideas were too technical for the audience so I should have broken them down into bite-sized pieces, but I'd like to believe that I was able to impress the importance of saving up, investing and developing a habit of saving and investing upon my audience. Or at the very least they are now aware that there are such animals as mutual funds and stocks that can make their money grow and secure their future.

I think I'll do more of these talks. I really do have fond memories of my first talk and I would like to recreate the same informal and open atmosphere with my readers. I've always thought of myself as an advocate of financial education, so now it's time to move beyond my blog and out of my comfort zone. I'll keep you all posted.


edelweiza said…
Congrats on the talk, Jill! Please keep us updated on this new skill set of yours! Nakakatuwa naman si hubby mo talagang all-out ang support sayo, at may honest critic ka pa tuloy na tutulong sayo to improve on your craft.

I salute Mr. Tiongson for his generosity when it comes to his personal finance expertise. May his breed increase! :)
Jillsabs said…
Thanks Edel! The best talaga si hubby ko :)
peversius.com said…
As a Registered Financial Planner who has decades of financial planning and money management experience under his belt, Sir Randell writes about personal finance in an informative and straight-to-the-point manner.

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