ICON 2016

If you are a long-time reader of my blog, then you already know how much premium I place on financial education. So much so that I shelled out good money to take a certification course even if it had no direct correlation to my present career (It's the learning, stupid!). But I had fun and it fed my personal finance geek side, so I therefore conclude that it was money well spent.

However, if you are similarly interested in expanding your knowledge on personal finance, investments, entrepreneurship and all things money related, there's no need to spend a pretty penny because there are other ways to get your geek on, such as attending one day seminars like Randell Tiongson's ICON 2016.

Touted as the biggest investment conference in the Philippines, this year's ICON gathered the following experts in one room for our viewing and listening pleasure:

Columnist, Registered Financial Planner and best-selling author of “Money Manifesto,” Randell Tiongson, will be leading again this year’s Investment Conference, together with our special guests: Diwa Guinigundo, who is the Deputy Governor for the Monetary Stability Sector of Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. Marvin Germo, who’s known as “Mr. Stock Smarts” due to his popularity in stock market trading and bestselling book, “Stock Smarts” and also one of the organizers. Our motivational-entrepreneur speaker, who is a former executive of Hewlett Packard Philippines now the owner of Moriah Farms Inc. and HA-Moriyah, Inc., Dodong Cacanando. Paulo Tibig, dubbed as the “Entrep Champ” and is one of the directors of the Freeport Area of Bataan, Board of Regent, Bataan Peninsula State University. The CEO of Rampver Strategic Advisors, and also one of the directors of Globe Telecom, Rex Mendoza. The President of Sun Life Asset Management Company, Inc. (SLAMCI), Valerie Pama.

Program flow is as follows:


I was honestly excited to see Sun Life Asset Management's president Valerie Pama in the roster (it would have been a bigger thrill though to see Sun Life president Riza Mantaring, a.k.a. my life peg), but it seems as if Ms. Pama is only there to push Sun Life's Prosperity Card and not give any insights as her role managing Sun Life's mutual funds arm. It would have been interesting to hear about how she made it work in what is traditionally a male-dominated industry, but she'll be merely hawking a Sun Life product. So that's a disappointment.

But looking beyond that, the rest of the lineup seems promising ha. There's a BSP governor (Diwa Guinigundo),  rockstar etrepreneurs (Dodong Cacanando and Paulo TIbig) and the super-sipag advocates of financial literacy and investing in the Philippines (Rex Mendoza and Marvin Germo). Of course Randell Tiongson will also be there, but I've already expressed how much I admire Randell so there's no need to go into fangirl mode again.

To wrap up, ICON 2016 will be held exactly one week from now (May 28, 2016) at the SM Aura, Samsung Hall. Tickets come in three types: Php500, Php1,500 and Php2,500. For more information, please head on over to the ICON 2016 page for more details.


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