2016 2Q Net Worth Report

ChartGo-2Q 2016

I reached a milestone last quarter when my net worth passed a certain threshold amount. I also had a 9.16% increase in net worth from 1st quarter this year, which incidentally is the biggest increase I've ever had since I started tracking my net worth and is also so close to my dream of a double digit net worth increase. Yay!

This big increase in net worth was brought about by my conscious efforts at stashing away money because of the dreaded salary delay in government service when starting in a new position. It doesn't seem very impressive in the chart since the increase from the last quarter is only 1%-2% for savings and investments, but the raw numbers made me do a happy dance.

I've talked about the despicable salary delay at length in this blog so there's really no need to say anything more. But I'm ashamed to admit now that looking through my past net worth reports, I could have increased my net worth so much faster if I just acted as if I was saving up for an upcoming salary delay, instead of splurging and treating myself and my family to what-have-yous. Anyway, bygones. What's done is done.

After my mini-detour in the legislative department, I'm back in the judiciary and it felt quite a bit like coming home to be honest. I have just finished week 1 of the 8 week wait of the salary delay. I had a little under 2 months worth of expenses in my savings account designated for the salary delay period, but the last 2 weeks of my salary from my last position was held for clearance purposes, so I started drawing from the stash earlier than expected. We also had some car and aircon repairs to contend with, as well as car registration expenses, so that came out from the salary delay fund as well. I've already asked my insurance agent to withdraw some cash from my life insurance policy's cash surrender value and that should be enough to take care of our expenses until I get my first salary from my new job or my terminal pay from my last job, whichever comes first.

But before assuming my new position, I hied back home to Biliran and Cebu to touch base with family members. While it rained like crazy here in Metro Manila, it barely drizzled in Biliran and Cebu when we were there, although the wind was pretty gusty at times, so were able to visit a hot spring, waterfall, beach and capped it all off with an overnight stay at the super swanky Plantation Bay in Mactan, Cebu. It was the most relaxing 10 days I've had in the longest time and it left me raring to go back to work, which is what a vacation is supposed to do in the first place. Photodump follows.









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