Why Hello There!


I've always wondered my blog's hits seem to spike dramatically at certain times of the month and I finally figured out why. RCBC has been featuring my sponsored post on their All-In Rewards program in their marketing email.

A few days ago, a friend (another RCBC credit card subscriber) sent me a screencap of the email he received with my mug on it, and a few days after that, I received the same email.

And that is my 0.00005 seconds of fame.


Seriously though, I still use the All-In-Rewards site because I do patronize some of their affiliated merchants (e.g. Agoda) and receiving rewards for spending on something you need or something you've been saving up for, is always nice.

The points take about 90 days before they're credited to your account though, like my points from Under Armour which were earned in March but was only reflected in my account by the end of June. The last time I used the All-In-Rewards site was to book our hotel in Coron, Palawan through Agoda, since we'll be going there for the Christmas break (excited ba masyado?!) .

I still dream of having a credit card that will give me thousands upon thousands of airline miles upon signing up, but I honestly doubt that we'll have something like that in the near future. So for now, I'll have to make do with a credit card that gives me the most number of points for my transactions. Pwede na rin.


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