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I finally submitted all my employment requirements two weeks ago and was told early last week that I can already open a Land Bank payroll account. This means that I should receive my initial pay in about a month. Hooray!

This isn't the first time I've had a Land Bank payroll account though, but this is the first time I've enrolled in its iAccess online facility.

My first impression of iAccess is that it looks very dated. It had a very 70-ish vibe going on but I don't think it was being cheeky or intentionally trying to be retro. But what it lacked in trendiness or wow factor design-wise, it made up for with its many useful and practical features.


As with most online banking facilities, you can also pay your bills online with iAccess. I was happy to note that all of the utilities (e.g. Meralco, PLDT and Globe) and credit cards (e.g. RCBC Bankard and Metrobank) that I usually pay online using my Metrobank online account were also available in Land Bank's iAccess. Another plus factor was that the merchants were already laid out alphabetically in a dropdown menu and there was no need to enroll a merchant in a brick and mortar branch, as what BPI requires. I know that the enrollment with BPI is only a one-time deal, but it's still a hassle nonetheless.


Sadly though, Pag-ibig wasn't available for online payment, which is strange because Land Bank accepts over the counter payments for Pag-ibig housing loans. So why isn't it available online then? Very strange indeed.

You can also schedule future bills payments and monthly fund transfers. This is a good feature for recurring bills with fixed amounts, like our PLDT bill. And because this is a payroll account, simply schedule your recurring bills 2-3 days after your salary is credited to your account so you can be sure that you'll always have enough money to fund your bills.


But what I really loved was the interbank funds transfer feature. With this baby, I no longer have to withdraw money from my Landbank account and line up in Metrobank (my checking account) and BPI/BPI Save Up (my emergency funds) afterwards to deposit money. After enrolling my Metrobank and BPI accounts, I can simply transfer funds from my payroll account to my other accounts without ever setting foot in a bank. Woohoo! (Update: Unfortunately, interbank fund transfer is not available in iAccess. But it is available in the Mobile Banking app! Click here for my post on interbank fund transfer using the Lanbank Mobile Banking app)

As with bills payment, you can also automate funds transfer so it's easier to build up your emergency funds since you can top it up on a monthly or twice a month, again scheduling it to coincide with when your pay gets credited to your account.


What I don't love about iAccess though is that my account with it only contains a Php100 maintaining balance as of the moment. However, that's not really its fault now is it?:p

But seriously though, I'm very impressed with Landbank iAccess and if they can snag Pag-ibig and COL Financial as online payment merchants, then it would have successfully met all of my online banking needs. Now who says government services can't go toe to toe with their private counterparts?!


ftr said…
hello, ma'am, good morning. no charges involved for interbank transfers?
edelweiza said…
I use their bills payment feature, too. Pero wala ako nung fund transfer. Di ko alam na meron. Haha. How did you enroll your BPI and Metrobank accounts? Nagpunta ka sa branch mo? Wala kasi ako makitang option to add accounts for fund transfer.

I also hope they add COL Financial and Pag-IBIG to their list of online payment merchants. :)
Jillsabs said…
I'll have to ask Landbank later on when I set up my interbank transfers. I'll get back to you on that.
Jillsabs said…
I haven't enrolled my BPI and Metrobank accounts yet, I'll do so when I receive my initial pay.

Although I'm worried now that I might have been given the wrong info because I just browsed the iAccess summary page ( and it says fund transfers to third party Landbank accounts. While the Landbank personnel who assisted me said that fund transfers can also be done to other non-Landbank accounts. I'll have to verify that soon and update this post. I'm really hoping that the website was just not updated and the bank personnel is correct.
NuelaMarie said…
Hello po, I have enrolled sa iaccess and naka add na rin po ako ng mga bills para sana online na ako magbayad but I can't find the "Bills Payment" feature katulad ng nasa picture sa itaas. May kailangan pa po ba akong ipasa na documents sa branch kung saan ako nag open savings account ko?
Jillsabs said…
Hi NuelaMarie,

Wala namang required additional documents para makapagbayad ng bills online.

I just checked my Iaccess account and nandon pa rin yung Bills Payment link under "Features", sa right side ng page.

Did you activate the Iaccess app or yung sa computer lang? Hindi ko pa kasi nasusubukan yung app, so hindi ko alam anong itsura niya.
Arym said…
Bkit walang bill payment dun s iacess ko.
Jillsabs said…
Hi Arym,

I really don't know :(

Please coordinate directly with Landbank for all iAccess concerns.
Glad said…
Hi, nagtry ako mag-enroll ng iaccess online kaso wala na yung "Enroll now" sa upper right ng site? Do I need to go personally sa bank para makapag enroll? thanks
Glad said…
*upper left
Jillsabs said…
Hi Glad,

Yup, you have to set up your online account personally with Land Bank. Once lang naman kelangan, pagkatapos non, pwede mo na gamitin yung Iaccess Online anytime you want.
Khrystyne said…
Hello, so can you tell me how to transfer fund through metrobank payroll please. thanks for the help if in case.
Grace said…
hi can you tell me how to transfer fund landbank to already enrolled with iaccess. san po makikita ung "Choose an account to debit" na pinakita nyo.tnx
Jonathan N. Labrador said…
How to approved my loan
Jonathan N. Labrador said…
IJCL said…
Hello, I have been trying to link my iAccess account to another bank account that is not Landbank, have you succeeded? Thanks in advance
Eric said…
Two years ago I tried to enroll PLDT and up to now I still can't. Lamest bank compared to BPI with regards to online payment facility. It's a hassle to enroll to its online billing, you have to pass that form to the branch. What I do is transfer from LB to BPI to pay for PLDT, Sky, World Vision and fund COL. They really haven't stepped up from the online platform.
Jillsabs said…
I haven't been able to do this too. Supposedly you can do this only through the app and not online.
Jillsabs said…
Hi Grace,

You can find the link for Fund Transfer under Features, on the right side of the page.
ynah said…
how can i enroll on fund transfer?no other account number is listed in my "select you account" option. thanks for your help.
Jillsabs said…
Hi Eric,

I've paid my PLDT bill several times using my Landbank online account and didn't have to enroll it as a merchant. Maybe the platform has changed from the time you last looked at it?

And yeah, you do have to go to a brick and mortar branch to activate online banking, but it's just a one time deal so pwede na rin.
Jillsabs said…
Hi Ynah,

Please check with a Landbank branch for more info on how to enroll a third party account. Thanks!
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Atty said…
Hi! Mayroon na bang "bills payment" sa iaccess mo? yung sa akin din kasi wala.

Jillsabs said…
Hi Atty,

Yup, may "Bills Payment" feature yung Iaccess ko at palagi ko itong nagagamit sa pagbayad ng bills.

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