The Bank with a Heart

Have you seen the Philippine Veterans Bank (PVB) TV commercial with Heart Evangelista? If you haven't, feel free to watch the video first. I'll wait for you.

Are you done? Ok.

Isn't it the most idiotic thing ever?!

A bank with a heart?! Seriously, someone should flagellate the people behind this concept.

I have no issue with Mrs. Escudero and I even follow her Instagram account because she's such a style peg and her paintings are nice (I can't say the same about painting on designer bags though, but I digress). However, the PVB radio and TV spot is all sorts of wrong.

Banks are not in the business to have a "heart". They are there to make money. And there's nothing wrong with that.

This TVC seems to make a subtle dig at other banks who are all about making money. In contrast to those greedy monsters, PVB operates with heart and compassion for every Filipino.

Let me introduce you to the banker with a heart of gold in Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged. The saintly banker had a slightly different qualification than other banks when it comes to approving loans. Instead of looking at the ability to repay the loan, he considered the need for the loan. For example, two people are applying for a housing loan: one has a steady income and is doing well but now wants to move out of his apartment and start building a house, while the other person jumps from one job to another and has five children that are barely fed. The banker with a heart of gold will approve the second person's application and deny the first, because the second person has five children who need shelter and the banker's conscience will never let him sleep if he knows he had a hand in sending those kids to the street.

Not surprisingly, the father of five defaulted on his loan payments and since the banker with a heart of gold used the same barometer (i.e. pity, conscience, kawawa factor) in approving thousands of loans, the bank went under and with it a domino effect of lifetime savings lost, businesses gone belly-up, whole cities turned into ghost towns etc.

You might detest banks for their high interest on loans but pitiful interest on your savings, but banks have a big part to play in keeping our economy running and if a big bank suddenly closes, you can be sure there will be a ripple effect felt by everyone.

I'm tempted to go to PVB and unload a sob story complete with tears and wailing: Diba may puso kayo?! Pautangin niyo ako kasi mare-remata na ang bahay ko!!! Wala na nga akong trabaho, wala pa akong bahay!! Kawawa naman akoooooooo!

I'm 100% sure that my application will be denied.

PVB has been around for 60 years. They won't last that long if they turned their backs on established banking practices and used "caring for every Filipino" as the bedrock of their business model.

So am I saying that PVB is lying when it calls itself the Bank with a Heart? Well maybe not really flat-out lying, let's just say that chika lang yan. Showbiz echos that their PR machinery concocted when some higher up probably insisted on getting Heart Evangelista as their image model. Diba ang cute: Heart Evangelista for the Bank with a Heart! Pak ganern.


AJ said…
Hahaha, nakakaloka. Oo nga naman. Nung una ko makita yung commercial, napaisip din ako ano nga a naman pinagkaiba niya sa iba. Sabi ko "mukang ok to ha".Tapos syempre hanash lang pala ang lahat.
Jillsabs said…
Truly, madly, deeply!
edelweiza said…
I agree with you on the economic role of banks. Re: bank with a heart, oh, the marketing gimmicks nowadays! That's why consumers/clients need to be vigilant all the time. :)
Jillsabs said…
You're spot-on with your observation on marketing gimmicks. I'm usually very wary of those but now I just get amused by them. In fairness, very creative sila!

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