Halloween 2016

Halloween is my most favorite holiday, with New Year being a close second and Christmas a distant third. Every year, I look forward to what I can dress my son in and the idea is to DIY a costume because: (1) I want to flex my creative muscle and (2) I'm too cheap to buy a ready made costume. However, the costume has to be easy enough to do because my sewing skills are sadly limited to the backstitch and the glue gun.

This year's costume was inspired by the bow and arrow set I bought the last time we were in Subic, and so before you could say merry men, I had put together a basic, but very adorable, Robin Hood costume for my son.



The one who always wins Halloween though is my inaanak Robyn. Check out her costumes for the past three years.


How awesome right? I wonder what she and her mom will come up with next year. I'm sure it will be equally brilliant. No pressure though... :p

Even the highest court in the land got in on the act.




This early, I already have an idea of what my son will go as for next year's festivities. I've ran it past him and he gave it a thumbs up. You can expect that next year's costume will be equally underwhelming as his Robin Hood costume, but the lack of skill will be more than compensated with the enthusiasm and effort that accompanied it. Until next Halloween!


  1. Hahaha, ako rin, Halloween na ang favorite holiday ko. Nakaka-challenge kaya mag DIY ng costume. ;)

  2. Challenging but fun! Buti na lang madaming DIY websites so no need to spend a lot.


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