Hasta La Vista 2016!

So who else is excited to see 2016 leave the room?

It has really been such a trying year on all fronts.

The war in Syria and the mass of refugees has been heartbreaking and the Trump win, why America, why?!?! But why even go abroad when our own local news is already enough fodder for heartbreak and frustration.

On the personal front, my husband was hospitalized twice and my parents pushed forward with their grand project even if their funding source was iffy, leaving my bank account bleeding on both occasions.


But I refuse to let negativity get the better of me and I will force my disgustingly positive side to poke through all the gloom and doom.

Yes, 2016 was all sorts of horrible but there were some rays of sunlight that still peeked through just the same. It's easy to dwell on the negative and let it drown us, but as Mr. Rogers said, look for the helpers and you'll see that there are still so many caring people in this world.


Hope abounds and I will continue to cling on to it until I draw my last breath, so help me God.

These days, I find myself singing "Tomorrow" from Annie more and more because it's the perfect picker-upper and reminds me that the sun will always come out and tomorrow always brings the promise of something better.


Yes, the world has gone nuts, but you have a choice to be either one of the nutjobs or one of the helpers. I definitely know what team I'm going to be on.


  1. Me! ?

    I'm so excited to start fresh. I know I can do that anyday but there's something about changing years that could gice the push.

    Also, I'm excited to pay all of my credit card debt next year.

    What's happening in the country and the world is triggering my anxiety that I recently decided to lay off the internet and focus only what I can do something about like calling out people who are on the "wrong" side of the escalator or those who are flicking their cigarette buts on the sidewalk.

  2. A very positive read to start my week and to jumpstart 2017! Thank you for this Ms Jill! Hope abounds and tomorrow, or the day after, will be better :) Kapit lang tayo hehe! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  3. Hi Bee,

    I haven't watched the news on TV for a long time. Reading news articles already have the potential to ruin my day, so you can just imagine how those sensationalist TV journalists can drag my mood down.

    Good on you for calling out litterbugs! I don't call them out outright, but I say something like "Miss/Sir, may nahulog kayo". And in fairness, 9 out of 10, they look embarrassed and pick up their trash.

    Isn't it strange how Filipinos are generally so clean about their bodies and their houses but then trash their surroundings? My theory is that we don't have a sense of ownership over our surroundings, that's why we don't think twice about littering. So how do we develop that sense of ownership? I've pretty much given up on my generation and those older than me, but schoolchildren are different. If a sense of pride and ownership is inculcated early enough and reinforced throughout their stay in school, then I have high hopes that they won't repeat our mistakes.

  4. Kapit lang mga bes!

    Merry Christmas to you too Jackie!


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