Taking the Uber Frugal Month Challenge

One of my favorite personal finance bloggers is sponsoring a frugal month challenge. Elizabeth of the Frugalwoods will guide and handhold her readers towards a month of conscious frugality, helping us get our spending to align with our goals.

The challenge begins January 1 on the dot and Alison wrote a nifty guide to steer her readers towards uber frugality. Step One of the guide asks the participants to list down their goals to set the overarching reason or purpose for your frugality.

The past few months have made me realize just how much I've come to rely on having a healthy stash of emergency funds for my peace of mind. Now that my emergency funds have been hammered down to a pitiful pulp (and add to that the surgery related debt we still have to contend with), I find that my worrywart side is making its presence felt more and more.

I fret over the not-so-positive assessment I received at work, even if it's far from being a bad review to be perfectly honest, because I worry that I might get fired at any time and I cannot afford to be without a job right now. My rational side knows that that's not going to happen without a warning from my superior and that I'll get more than enough chances to get my act together, but the anxiety remains.

There are two ways in which I can silence my worrywart self: (1) be an asset at work and (2) have the means to leave my job any time I want.

Fortunately, I do like my job and the people I work with, so I don't plan on leaving any time soon. But having the freedom to just leave without looking back and worrying about what joblessness might bring is liberating.

I miss that freedom. That's why I want to participate in the Uber Frugal Month Challenge. I want to decimate our debts and build up our emergency funds by cutting the fat from our household expenses and then pouring all that fat back towards debt payment and savings.

Wish us luck, but better yet, join us in the Uber Frugal Month Challenge!


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