Lifetime Assessment Series: Travel

I am ending this series with my biggest and recurring financial sin, travel.

Be it road trips, plane rides or even boat rides, my itchy feet don't seem to care and would take every opportunity to take a mini or extended break.

Our most recent trip was a weekend jaunt to Angeles City to attend a friend's birthday party. Instead of driving back and forth for a total of 7-8 hours, I decided to book us overnight in a hotel and play tourist the following day.

Between filling up our gas tank, accommodations, food and the entrance tickets to Dinosaurs Island, we spent somewhere between Php7,000 to Php8,000 for that weekend trip. It's not a big amount and it didn't cripple our finances, but my personal finance geek was protesting the entire time because our Angeles budget could have been used towards extra Pag-ibig payments or deposited in our emergency funds. There were literally dozens of other more financially responsible things I could have used the money on, and yet I chose to go on vacation with my boys.

We all enjoyed the trip and the time spent together as a family, but because of that trip, my dream of financial independence is going to take a wee bit longer than it should.

I do try to fight this constant need to get away and try to make up for our travel expenses by being saintly in other parts of my life (i.e. no vices, no retail therapy) but an addiction is an addiction.

I'd like to say that I'm winning over my travel addiction but I'd be lying. While some girls drool over bags, shoes or makeup, I daydream over getaways and make mock itineraries. However, while I do fantasize about travel, I don't act on every fantasy because my sensible side usually takes over in time and reminds me of the responsibilities that have to take precedence over another stamp on my passport, like food and shelter.

Maybe one day I'll be able to fully rid myself of this wanderlust and be a financial rockstar who can delay her wants and needs until kingdom come, all for the ultimate goal of financial independence. Maybe. But I'm not holding my breath. Just being real here :(


Mai said…
Hi Ms. Jill,

I can feel you po! Travelling has been taking a toll in my finances and this is where I spend the most. Like you po, I don't have any vices. Well, lately, I am hook to Freediving and that requires me to spend and that I also consider falling in my Travel expenses category as this requires me to also travel out of town.

Sometimes, I really wish I could get rid of this addiction but I am trying to console myself telling it is a reward as I don't spend on material things naman hehe. And my life has to be a balance of work and pleasure.

Now, I am tightening my belt and finding ways to earn extra income to finance my travel.

Perhaps, one day we will all be taking a break from this travel bug hehe

Happy and safe travels to you and your family po! :)
Jillsabs said…
Hi Mai,

Freediving sounds like fun! No wonder you're hooked on it.

Don't you notice though that when you really love something, you'll do everything to make it happen? In your case, it's finding extra income to fund your hobby. So not only are you getting better at your hobby, your money making muscle is also getting stronger! Win-win right? :)

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