My Future Foretold

Whenever I pass through the Padre Faura gate, I usually walk past this man in a white collared, short sleeved shirt tucked neatly in his pants. Sometimes he would be reading a newspaper or smoking a cigarette but he would always be stationed near a small table with two stools and an electric motorbike.

His name is Maestro Geno Ginintuan and he's as much a landmark of Padre Faura as the Supreme Court, UP Manila and the Department of Justice.

After almost a year of walking by him, I finally gave in to my curiosity and plopped myself down on his stool. Some quick chatting revealed that he's been at his post, rain or shine, for the last 20 or 30 years. He gets an average of 50-70 clients per day and he charges Php50 per client. He claims that his predictions and readings are 100% accurate. Even President Duterte has called him over to Malacanang for a personal reading, and he has regular clients who seek him out before making any important decisions.

Now for the good stuff. Let's talk about his predictions for me.

He first asked me for my birthday and wrote it down on his notepad.

He kept on nodding his head while explaining the significance of my birthday, saying that the numbers 4, 6 and 8 were very good numbers and would bring me good luck. Being an Aries, he also said that I let my head rule my life and that I tend to be "matigas" so that when I say I will do something, I push through with it regardless of who might get hurt or affected.

He also said that I don't have a lot of friends but that I am very faithful to the few that I do have. And he also predicted that I will be traveling, three major travels to be exact (Note: Why only 3?!).

I forget how the number 9 came into play, but the number 9 means that I will have luck with business involving "tao" (service oriented), "lupa" (leasing out apartments), and "apoy" (technology).

At this point he asked to see my hand and he pointed out that my life line was long so that "uugod-ugod ka na, buhay ka pa rin". He also said that my money line was long but that it ended up going over my hand, thus, I should be careful in how I manage money because it will only end up leaving my hands. He suggested that I refrain from lending money to friends and family.

He then said that 2017 will be a good year for me, but that good luck will be even more noticeable when September rolls in. Nonetheless, while 2017 will be good, 2019 will be an absolutely fabulous year.

As for my love life, he said that I will have 4 loves in my life. The first one was a dud, the second and fourth are memorable, while the third is (was?) merely "pampalipas oras lang".

He also said that I am most compatible with the star signs Aries, Scorpio, Virgo, and Gemini. And my loves will have the following letters in their names: R, M, C, L, W, and F.

The funny thing was that Maestro Geno was talking in the future tense, as if those loves, or some of those loves, haven't appeared in my life yet. He probably thought I was still single because I wasn't wearing my wedding ring. Of course, being a married woman, this might prove to be a very awkward. Because which "love" is my husband? Is he number 2 or 4? Or maybe number 3? I hope he's not number 1! What a mystery.

Finally, he wrote down my 9 lucky numbers.

The whole reading probably took a maximum of 15 minutes, but it was the best Php50 I've ever spent! It was so entertaining and I finally got an inkling as to why some people get addicted to getting their fortunes told. It's really quite a hoot to be told you're going to have good luck and live to a ripe old age. I wonder though if I would have had the same reaction if his reading was not as positive?

Anyway, I'm thinking of going back for another reading when my pregnant stomach has become difficult to ignore. Let's see if the sight of my humongous belly will merit a different reading. I will make another post when I've gone through with it. Is anyone else excited? :)


Maven said…
Hahaha. What an experience! XD I am also curious and fond of astrology but I never considered having my palm read. Maybe I should try Maestro Geno some time. :D
Kat said…
Wow! Maestro Geno earns a minimum of PhP50,000 a month! Assuming he doesn't pay taxes, that's already his net take-home pay!
Jillsabs said…
If you're in the Padre Faura area, I recommend doing it because nakakatuwa siya. Fifty pesos for chika and entertainment :p
Jillsabs said…
IKR?! I was also floored with the figure he quoted. But I read somewhere that he helps out some of the vendors along Padre Faura too, he subsidizes the tuition fee of their kids or gives money for miscellaneous expenses. And with his location I'm sure he also has overhead costs just so he'll be allowed to stay there and conduct his business.
Ooh sounds interesting! I might just drop by Padre Faura too para lang pahula hehe
Patricia Ann Tamba said…
Hi I also went sa kanya last July. Was his reading accurate ba? Like love part where he stated the letters of your lovers? Parang it's kinda hard to believe eh hahah
Jillsabs said…
Hi Patricia

So far, wala pang nagkakatotoo sa predictions niya. hahahaha!

Hindi pa rin ako mayaman.
Patricia Ann Tamba said…
even the letters of your lovers daW? hahaha
Jillsabs said…
I'm still with my husband, so no future lovers in the meantime for me ;)
Kathleen said…
Hi ! Any updates sa reading ni Maestro? I just had my palm reading sa kanya yesterday 😁
Oceangirl said…
Curious as well for updates. I went this afternoon and 4 relationships din ako 😅

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