Vicki Belo Rich

Just how rich is Vicki Belo exactly? FYI, the good doctor is a certified billionaire.

Which is why some people reacted when Vicki Belo posted a video during her honeymoon  in Italy, playfully "pretending to be rich."

Some people bashed her and her supposedly faux humility and insensitivity, but some praised her work ethic and drive to continue racking up achievements after achievements despite already accomplishing so much.

What struck me about this whole non-issue though was how subjective being and feeling rich actually is.

Your net worth might be in the millions or even billions, but you might still feel that it is not enough so you continue to work and amass wealth.

On the other hand, you might be earning just enough for your day to day needs but might feel that you already have everything you need, so arguably, you're richer than any multi-millionaire.
Which is why Jon Bogle's book "Enough: True Measures of Money, Business, and Life" is on my must-read list. I'm very interested in how the founder of a super successful investment fund defines enough. Did he find contentment with half a billion dollars? A billion dollars? Or did money even play a part with how rich and content he felt?

My personal goal is not to amass untold riches but to reach the peak of my Fulfillment Curve using my own standards of happiness and "enoughness".

At the moment I feel I would have enough if my family and I are healthy and thriving; we have 6 months worth of expenses stashed away in a bank account; we have a home with big windows, awesome ventilation, and a garage where my husband and sons can tinker and indulge their grease monkey selves; no mortgage and debts; and passive income that would give me the option to quit working if I wanted to.

As for Vicki Belo, my opinion is...honestly, who cares about my opinion or other people's opinion of her?

She built her business empire with her hardwork, business and personal savvy. She did not steal money and she did not use or abuse anybody to get to where she is now. She provides jobs to thousands of Filipinos and, from what I've read, she's a genuinely nice and generous person. I'm sure she doesn't lose sleep over what non-entities like you and I think of her and her personal affairs.

So carry on Dra. Belo and hugs to Scarlet Snow!


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