What's Up, Metrobank?

I've had a Metrobank checking account for almost ten (10) years so I've received a few credit card offers through the years. But yesterday's cold call was too bizarre not to blog about.

It started innocuously enough:

(Phone rings)

Me: Hello?

Girl: Hello, is this xx?

Me: Speaking.

Girl: Hi ma'am, si xx po ito ng Metrobank. I'm happy to inform you that you qualified for the xx Metrobank credit card. Pre-approved na siya and waived ang first year annual fee payment.

Me: Ok.

Girl: I just need some information po. Saan po kayo nagtatrabaho?

Me: Sa gobyerno.

Girl: Ano pong posisyon niyo don?

Me: Lawyer.

Girl: Oh. (Note: Usually once the credit card marketing agent finds out I'm a lawyer, disappointment follows and the call is cut short. But this girl was different.) May business po ba kayo?

Me: Wala. Full-time employee ako.

Girl: Kahit small business, sari2x store or kahit ano?

Me: Nope. Wala.

Girl: What about parents niyo po? May business po sila?

Me: Meron. Pero hindi ako connected sa business nila so anong relevance nito sa application ko? (Note: I was genuinely confused by this time and not being snarky)

Girl: Kelan po kasing ilagay kung may business. Ano pong business ng parents niyo?

Me: I would rather not say.

Girl: Kelangan po kasi talagang ilagay kung may business. Ano po ba ang business nila? Sari-sari store, piggery, pautang, pasaload (and continued to rattle all sorts of businesses)

Me: Wala. Walang business ang parents ko. And you know what, I changed my mind. Hindi na ako mag-aapply sa Metrobank credit card na inooffer mo.

Girl: Oh.

What sort of credit card is this that needs/compels that a business be declared? And if there's no direct business connection, to practically make one up on the most tenuous of connections?

Paki-explain Metrobank.



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