Sunday, October 15, 2017

Pregnancy Update: 30 Weeks

Just 8-10 more weeks to go before I give birth to my son and things are moving steadily along, but with tiny bumps along the way.

I still commute to and from work even if I get tired so much faster now. However, I power through it because it's currently my only form of exercise. I conserve most of my energy for work and even then, I just stay seated most of the time because walking around tires me out and I want to save my energy for the commute back home. Weekends are for resting and checkups, that's why I've accepted that I have to dial down on my activities for the next few months (which is why I had to beg off from the Belle de Jour talks next week).

I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and while it initially upset me, my natural optimism eventually took over and I realized that it could have been much worse. Considering my age (38 years old!), I'm lucky I didn't get hit with preeclampsia or high blood  which would require bed rest and constant monitoring. The baby passed his congenital anomaly scan with flying colors; I haven't had any spotting; and I'm still able to waddle my way to work. So yeah, gestational diabetes is merely a minor inconvenience.

I have to see an endocrinologist though, since she will help me manage my gestational diabetes. I hope, hope, hope that I won't have to take insulin and I'll be able to manage my gestational diabetes with dietary changes.

The good thing about gestational diabetes is that it will go away on its own after I give birth. The down side though is that it now makes me more prone to Type 2 Diabetes. It's kind of like a peek into the future and the future is telling me that if I don't lay off the carbs and sweets, I might just come face to face with Type 2 Diabetes. So it looks as if my gestational diabetes diet will be my norm moving forward. Although I think a slice of cake or donut every weekend after I give birth will be ok, right?

My diet now involves high fiber carbs (i.e. brown/red/black rice, wheat bread), lean meat, vegetables, fruits and cheese/yogurt. I haven't had sweets or pastries in 3 weeks as well as fruit juices, soda or iced tea. But come to think of it, isn't that exactly how are our diets are supposed to be? More on fruits and vegetables and less on processed food. I know this, but I still can't stop craving for a bag of chips or a choco butternut donut.

I think I'm experiencing some sort of sugar withdrawal because I get really sad when I pass a bakery or Dunkin Donuts. It's probably just pregnancy hormones though, but I totally get Piolo Pascual's radio commercial where he hears voices telling him to get the Dunkin Donuts  Obsession sampler box. God those tiny donuts are good!

But let's move on to a happier topic. Baby preparations!

The countdown has begun and I'm trying to get as much work done before I go on maternity leave in December. I have a huge stash of hand me downs coming my way so I won't have to buy any baby clothes anymore until the baby is about 5 or 6 months old. My old baby carrier has been washed and put away, ready for its new occupant. I have about 90 breastmilk bags ready for building up my stash and I've chosen my breastpump.

The next project is a carseat and I have to decide if I'll get a new carseat or hunt down my old one, which I think is with my sister in law. The stroller can come later on when the baby is 6 months old because from experience, it's easier to bring around the baby in a carrier than a stroller in his first few months.

We'll be co-sleeping again so that means I'll be sleeping in the middle, baby stays on my left while Ace stays on my right. Their father will stay on the floor.

My husband and I are mulling some room renovations that will make our bedroom bigger and give the boys their own space inside the bigger bedroom. That's another round of expenses right there, that's why it's not something I'm particularly excited about. But he said he'll be footing the bill so I'm holding him to that promise and keeping my purse close.

That's about it for now. The rain seems to have finally stopped. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. I got excited when I saw your name in the program of activities for the BDJ event and I looked forward to seeing you in person hehe. But of course, health for you and the baby should always come first. I wish you well and congratulations on your new bundle of joy too!

  2. Thanks so much Mylene!