Monday, November 27, 2017


And just when the finish line is almost within viewing distance, I've hit another snag in my pregnancy. The dreaded bedrest (kaboom!).

I've been getting some cramping a few days before my 36th week and during my 36th week checkup, my OB declared after examining me that the baby was already lying low and that my cervix "admits tip" which meant that it was starting to dilate. Considering that I'm supposed to reach 39 weeks because of my gestational diabetes, going into labor at 36 weeks was too much of a risk to take.

Thus, the bedrest, which is more of a house arrest really since I can move around the house and go on short walks. But my usual commute with walking to and from work is definitely no longer allowed.

It's a good thing that I was given the go-signal to work from home so I have something to do, while PLDT is trying to fix whatever is wrong with our internet connection. Working from home also means that I don't get to use up my sick leaves or use my maternity leave before I actually give birth.

My OB-mom has come back from Biliran for my scheduled caesarian section. She's been such a trooper since she was just here for my sister-in-law's birth last week and went back to the province last Monday after almost 3 weeks in Manila. But less than a week later, she's back in grimy Manila to wait out my son's birth and take care of me. I heart my mom so very much.

My son's yaya also deserves special mention since she immediately agreed after I asked her to forego her usual weekend leave in the meantime while I'm on bedrest, since I can't take care of my 4 year old son while I'm under house arrest. Of course, I'm compensating her for this extra work and she's getting an extra long holiday break to go home to her family in Samar to ring in the new year.

My husband likewise has been extra patient while I navigate this new road called bedrest, without the option of being able to Netflix and chill the day away. Our PLDT DSL is still down after 12 days of technical restoration and 3 days after PLDT itself declared the resolution of the technical issue. Most, if not all, of our neighbors already have their internet services back on, while we have to wait for the elusive field technician/engineer to show his/her face since remote testing has repeatedly failed.

So anyway, as already mentioned, my husband has been a perfect saint in enduring my crabbiness brought about by discomfort, pain and all things pregnancy related.

Boredom and cabin fever are also doing a number on my mood. I still have some of the work I brought home earlier last week, so that will keep me occupied. But I'll finish them by the week after next, giving me another week to kill until I give birth. I may have to ask someone to photocopy some of my files and send them to me so that I can have something to do while waiting out my 39th week.

Clearly, I'm one of those Type-A persons I referred to in an earlier post and should learn to live in the moment and appreciate where I am now at the time it's happening.

Alrighty, enough rambling for now. Until the next post!


  1. Ang saya kaya ng bedrest. Hehe.. I applaud your work ethic though, work from home talaga!

  2. Ay, hindi masaya ang bedrest when everything hurts! But at least our internet was restored last night, so pwede na ulit mag Netflix. Woohoo!

  3. Praying for your safe delivery Ms Jill! :) Take care!

  4. Thanks so much Jackie!