Talking Numbers: Angioplasty Costs

My husband talked about his recent angioplasty in these posts: 1, 2, 3. So if you're wondering what it's like to have an angioplasty or have any other inquiry related to the procedure, then I suggest you read his posts because this post will only deal with what and how much we spent on his procedure.

Like I said in a previous post, we were asked to prepare between Php400,000 to Php500,000 in case the angiogram would reveal blockages that would require angioplasty. To make a long story short, the angiogram showed that diabetes had wreaked havoc on my husband's heart and he needed an angioplasty to open up some obstructed veins.

The procedure probably took less than 3 hours and the doctor seemed very pleased with how my husband's heart responded to the two stents inserted in his arteries. With a successful procedure behind us, my husband was sent back to his room to rest and for observation and we were out of the hospital 2 days after that.

Now let's talk numbers.

As I eventually found out, the cost for an angioplasty can be divided into three types of expenses: materials for the angioplasty, doctors' professional fees, and hospital fees.

A) Angioplasty Materials

When I was presented with the bill for the materials I was very surprised at the considerable discounts we received. How considerable you may ask, check out this table:

Materials UsedOriginal PriceDiscounted Price
Left FR.6 Guider9,750.00FREE
PTCA.014" wire11,700.009,900.00
PTCA Balloon size 1.5x1525,000.0015,000.00
PTCA Balloon size 2.0x1525,000.0015,000.00
Drug Eluting Stent Size 2.5x1888,261.0025,000.00
Drug Eluting Stent Size 2.5x1888,261.0025,000.00
TOTAL MATERIALS247,972.0089,900.00

A hospital staff explained that the companies that sell the materials usually offer discounts because of stiff competition among them. Furthermore, the Philippine General Hospital does not profit from the materials so the patient pays for the materials at cost. Thank you PGH!

Our cardiologist also said that most private hospitals tack on all sorts of fees on the materials so don't be surprised if a stent with a manufacturer's price of Php88,261.00 will be priced at Php100,000.00 or even Php150,000.00 each when you receive your bill at a private hospital.

B) Professional Fees (for angioplasty only)

As for the professional fees, the fees covered the services of the entire team who participated in the procedure, not just the cardiologist. We also received some discounts for the professional fees because of Philhealth and because our cardiologist was one of my dad's oldest friends:

Professional FeeOriginal PriceDiscounted Price
Coronary Angiogram Fee35,000.00Free
less Philhealth discount
less Personal discount
PTCA with Stenting Fee250,000.00250,000.00
less Philhealth discount16,800.00(16,800.00)
less Senior discount--
less Personal discount30,000.00(30,000.00)
TOTAL PROFESSIONAL FEES285,000.00203,200.00

C) Hospital Fees

The hospital charges included our 4 days, 3 night stay at the private ward, use of the catheterization lab, medicine, laboratory works and professional fees for the nephrologist:

Services Department FeesGrossDiscountAmount Due
Room & Board3,000.00600.002,400.00
Admission Kit985.00-985.00
Medicine- Cathlab60,890.00894.0059,996.20
Pharmacy (Consignment)1,878.00-1,878.00
Pharmacy (Revolving Fund)2,651.75-2,651.75
Professional fee (Nephro)4,000.004,000.00
Philhealth discount(13,500.00)
TOTAL FEES77,415.752,296.2061,619.75

The grand total for A, B, and C is Php354,719.75. Definitely a big amount but still way below the Php500,000.00 original estimate and also much, much cheaper than what we would have gotten charged if we had the angioplasty done at a private hospital. For comparison, my sister's father-in-law had an angioplasty with two stents done at Asian Hospital a few months ago and he paid around Php600,000.00 for pretty much the same procedure and materials.

Some final thoughts:
  • Diabetes is a b*tch. If you get diagnosed with it, do NOT ignore it and for the love of all that's holy, treat it as the serious matter it is. Otherwise, diabetes will slowly eat at your heart and kidney and before you know it, you're on dialysis for the rest of your life with a heart problem to boot. Huwag maging pasaway.
  • The private ward at PGH is actually not that bad. There were 5 beds in our room but there were dividers in between beds, so there was a semblance of privacy even if we could hear what was happening in every bed.
  • If you're sharing a room with other patients, please keep your music to yourself and keep your voice down. I had to politely ask some people to put their headsets on because they were blasting their music without a care that they were disturbing other people, specially the other patients who needed to rest. Be considerate please. We all want to get the hell out of there, so let's not add stress to an already stressful situation.
  • The facilities in PGH are dated and rundown but it's the staff and doctors that make the place shine. The doctors and nurses actually acted like they wanted to be there and went over and beyond what was expected of them.
  • I don't agree with some of this administration's policies, but the Php100 million monthly subsidy to PGH is something that I can totally get behind. With the subsidy, indigent patients will no longer have to pony up the cash for their medicine and medical residents will also no longer have to use their own money for their indigent patients. The monthly subsidy is exclusively for the use of patients and not for infrastructure development, and an unimpeachable source told me that PGH can't finish the Php100 million monthly subsidy so that means the indigent patients get medical attention and medication for free. Thank you Pres. Duterte for your soft heart towards the poor and sick and using your considerable clout to help them.
Thank you also to all my readers who left comments of support for my husband prior to his angioplasty, it was much appreciated :) Stay safe everyone and keep healthy!


Sera Q said…
First of all, glad to hear that your husband's angioplasty went well. Hope he'll be on his feet soon. Second, getting sick is a huge burden, and an unimaginable one for people with little to no means. Where would the ordinary Juan get 500k for such an operation? Third, I also don't agree with a lot of his pronouncements, but funding for education (na wala naman palang permanenteng paghuhugutan ng budget) and funding PGH, a hospital for the people, is well meaning and something that I can get behind indeed.
Jillsabs said…
Hi Sera,

He's doing very well and could have been up and about 3 days after the operation, if not for the bad fall he had on the way to the hospital. The procedure was quick and relatively painless. The wonders of science!
Jane said…
That sucks. Glad to hear everything went well. Stay healthy, Folks.
Jillsabs said…
Thanks Tita Jane!
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Joy said…
Hi Ms. Jill,

How old was your husband when he was diagnosed with diabetes? My husband was 26 when he first noticed symptoms and went to the doctor. He's now 28. His blood sugar levels are controlled now (been using insulin) but I'm worried about his cholesterol levels during his last checkup. Looking at these numbers, we truly cannot afford an angioplasty should we need it.
Jillsabs said…
Hi Joy,

My husband was in his late 30s when he was first diagnosed with diabetes. He was able to control his blood sugar levels with diet and medication but then dropped the ball for years until his heart suffered.

I wouldn't be too worried about your husband because it looks like he's really taking his diabetes seriously. For his cholesterol levels, he should reconsider his diet and lifestyle choices and it would also be nice if the whole family can join him in becoming healthier so that he won't feel so alone.

For even more motivation, show him this post and the numbers (discounted at that pa!) associated with an angiogram and angioplasty. Let's see if those don't inspire him to make his health his first priority :p
FARAH said…
Dear Ms. Jill,

thank you for this valuable information you shared.

my mother recently had angiogram today at La Salle Hospital in Cavite. it revelaed that she has 2 vessels with severe CAD so the doctor advised her to have angioplasty with stents. what is shocking to us is the cost per vessels is 500,000 pesos and for both it is 1,000,000 .

We absolutely dont have that kind of money so like you i was also looking online for an affordable fee for this procedure. I was looking for the cost in PGH that is why i came across your post.

I am writing you to ask if we can have your referal for the cardiologist who is a friend of your father because we do not know any cardiologist in PGH. We are hoping to get a discounted rate for all the costs of the angioplasty procedure. I asked my brother to inquire at PGH for this procedure.

Can you please help me?

Sincerely, Farah
Cindy said…
Hi mam I would just like to ask if kasama na Po dyan sa binayaran niyo Ang Angiogram procedure? Thank u po
Jillsabs said…
Hi Cindy,

Na-waive ng doctor yung angiogram professional fee niya na Php35,000 at kasama na sa Cathlab fee (Php60,890) yung mismong angiogram kasi tumuloy kami sa angioplasty. Hindi ko alam kung magkano aabutin kung angiogram lang ang gagawin.
FJ said…
Hi. Thanks for your article, this is really helpful. If you dont mind, may I know please the name of your cardiologist? I am looking for a doctor for my dad. He needs to undergo angioplasty procedure also but I’m clueless about the doctors of PGH.
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Erica said…
Hello po, my mom needs to have angioplasty with 2 stents kahapon. 500k din po yung ni-quote samin. May I know po sana kung sino po cardiologist nyo? Pupunta po kasi ko ng PGH to ask how much po but I dont know sino pwede puntahan na doctor. Sana rin po makakuha kami ng discount.
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Ayra said…
Hi Sis, Any news saang hosp. mas makakamura? naghahanap din kami ng okay na hospital na na syempre mas less gastos ba..
Julie said…
Hi, thank you for your article. May I know the name of the cardiologist who did the angioplasty?
Jillsabs said…
Dr. Gloria.
Cheryl said…
Hi ms farah nag go po ba kayo sa operation? Kase nasa lasalle din mother ko for angioplasty. Nag aalala ako sa magiging gastos seniors na din kase sila and lacking din sa financial.
Jaree said…
Hi mam cheryl nasa hospital ka parin po ba at mother mo?
Jaree said…
Hello kamusta po hisband mo? Mam jillsab baka pwede nio ako matulungan
Jaree said…
Hello kamusta mother mo ask ko lang po magkano po lahat nagastos nio
Shine said…
Hello Ma'am. My mom was recently diagnosed with severe calcific stenosis on her aorta. The doctors here in Davao City mentioned that it will take around 1M for the procedure to be successfully done. May I ask what kind of angioplasty was done on your husband? Or the specific part of the heart which the doctor used stents on? Thank you so much. Your reply would mean a lot and would help us find other means to provide solution to my mom's medical problem.
Jillsabs said…
Hi Shine,

I’m not familiar with the different types of angioplasty. All I know is my husband had an angioplasty done and had several stents put in to open up his collapsed arteries.
Jillsabs said…
Hi Jaree,

Magaling na siya.
Princess said…
Hi! I would like to ask if you seek assistance from PCSO? My mother will undergo an angioplasty also. One of the requirements is quotation fro suppliers but we really don't know where can we get it. Thank you in advance!
Rose said…
Pls.check out Southern Phil.Medical Hospital in Davao
Marielle said…
Hello. Thank you so much for the helpful info. Can you still remember the full name of the cardio? Because my mom needs to undergo angioplasty but we still don't have enough funds as of the moment.. I hope you respond. Thank you.
Jillsabs said…
Hi Marielle,

The cardio was Dr. Gloria.
Arnel said…
wow, surprising to see that stents can go down from php90k to php25k! very good advise here, better check other hospitals for the best medical treatment we can afford. all the best for your husband’s recov.
Jillsabs said…
Thank you! He's doing much better now, more than a year after his procedure.

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