Erwanne for Security Bank

Hey lookie! Anne Curtis switched banks! From PSBank, she now endorses Security Bank.

Personally, I think her ads with PSBank were much more effective than what she has now with Security Bank since it looks like every other ad with a celebrity couple. But her new ad also features her husband Erwan Heusaff and since I'm Team Erwanne (and Team SosBolz!), I can forgive her for making the leap. Chos!

Anyway, my only takeaway from this ad is that Security Bank offers life insurance for its All Access checking account customers. Please click here for more details on the free life insurance.

No medical exams are needed to open an All Access account with free life insurance, but you do need to fill out a questionnaire where you'll have to declare your medical history so that the underwriters can assess whether or not they'll take a risk on you by approving your life insurance application. However, please take note that all insurance policies have a 2 year non-contestability clause so even if you don't or forgot to declare all your past illnesses, as long as the insured event happens 2 years after your insurance application was approved and your policy is active, then the insurance company can no longer deny your claim because of concealment. You're welcome.

Life insurance proceeds are 3x your average daily balance for the past 3 months prior to death but not to exceed Php3M. In comparison, BPI Save Up offers 5x the average daily balance, but only up to a maximum of Php2M.

Off the cuff, I would say that BPI Save Up is the better deal because you only have to keep Php400k in your savings account to be able to get Php2M or Php4M. While with Security Bank, you'll have to keep Php1M in your checking account to reach the maximum payout of Php3M.

But Security Bank does have terminal illness benefits, which is not offered by BPI Save Up. So in the end, it's still up to the consumer to choose what product will best serve his/her needs. Besides, checking accounts are usually very active so it's not unlikely that it will be funded by as much as Php1M or even more to answer for the issued checks.

Whether you choose Security Bank or BPI Save Up, I'm just stoked to see that more and more banks are offering products that will really benefit their customers. Yay!


Jen said…
Ako I'm team Security Bank kasi I like their online platform on UITF investments so madali syang mabantayan, mawithdraw and magdeposit. Mas mataas (ng malinggit) yung interest nila. Pag pumupunta pa ako mababait yung mga tao don he he he he
Cute din nang inooffer nila sa Money Builder Savings. Sayang lang at di na ako makakapagopen non dahil ayoko na ulet maglipat ng account
Jillsabs said…
Gusto ko nga recommend yung insured checking account as asawa ko para ako ang beneficiary:p

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