Saturday, September 8, 2018

Convenient Bills Payment with TouchPay

I've been paying all of my bills (i.e. utilities, credit card, mortgage, airline tickets) online probably for the past ten years now, or maybe even more. It's just so dang convenient that, unless I really have to, I'll never go back to lining up just to pay a bill or buy a ticket. Ugh, that's so neolithic you guys!

Which is why I didn't pay attention to the yellow ATM-like thing outside of our condominium's administrative office and considered it too much trouble to even find out what it was for. But curiosity eventually got the better of me since I would oftentimes see a person in front of the machine tapping on the screen or feeding it paper money.

The TouchPay machine promised "Hassle-free BILLS PAYMENT. No transaction fees. Real time payments." The main page had a wide array of options, from mobile reload to payment of government services. Impressive! I like it already.

I tried to pay my Globe bill with TouchPay and I was literally finished in a few taps. Globe was one of the icons at the top of the page, probably because it's one of the most popular bills paid through the machine, but I tapped on the Mobile icon instead of the Globe shortcut because I detest convenience #jokelang.

Then I chose Postpaid.

After that, I chose Globe from the list of merchants.

A notice appeared that the service will not issue any change and any overpayment will be credited to the next bill. I tapped on Yes.

I entered my account number.

And then my phone number.

The machine processes the request.

After which a payment page appears.

My bill was about Php615, so I fed the machine Php620.

The receipt appeared.

And that was that.

I then received a text message confirming payment a few minutes after I finished my transaction.

I'm very happy with the convenience offered by TouchPay but I still like online banking more. However, it's nice to know that services like TouchPay are available for those who don't have access to online banking or when your bank's online payment portal is down. There's now more and more alternatives to physically lining up to pay your bills and that's always something to rejoice about.

Three cheers for practical technology!


  1. Yes to practical technology and online banking. I use that machine for loading our rfid auto sweep. Very convenient.

  2. It is isn't it? I also see a similar machine in 7-11 branches for paying bills, loading phones and bus passes. So convenient!