Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Crazy Rich Fans

For the record, I have never bought anything from Shopee (I'm more of a Lazada and Zalora girl) and I don't know who Blackpink is, but the recent Shopee + Blackpink incident really piqued my interest because I couldn't fathom how kids could spend hundreds and thousands of pesos just to qualify for a contest. To be more specific, I couldn't understand how kids could spend hundreds and thousands of pesos, period.

Are kids these days richer than kids during my day? Or am I wrong to assume that Blackpink fans are kids? When I say kids, I'm thinking 21 years old below, about high school and college age, or have just entered the workforce.

Again, do kids in that age range already have the financial capacity to spend hundreds and thousands of pesos (or even just several thousands of pesos)? Or did they do this all on credit? Do banks give credit cards to kids?

It's ridiculous just how many questions I have.

I'm thinking of my pre-teen nieces and wondering if they're the only "impoverished" ones in their generation because kids just a few years older than them are already snapping up mobile phones and doodads on Shopee to meet their K-pop idols.

Whoever conducted the survey that revealed that a huge percent of Filipinos consider themselves poor, obviously didn't include K-pop fans in its survey.