This Quarantine Life

The lockdown has given me a preview of how my life would be like if I ended up as a work at home mom.

As a mother of a 6 year old and 2 year old, my primary job now is to keep them fed and clean, while the hubby takes care of cooking our meals and washing the dishes. Work is scheduled around my toddler's naptime so I have 2-3 hours to finish what I have to. I also try to sneak in an extra hour or two of work while my kids are busy playing in the afternoon, but that doesn't usually work out because they would insist on mommy joining in on their fun.

Our daily schedule goes something like this:

6:30 AM - Wake up and have breakfast
7:00 AM - 11 AM - Kids play / Parents do chores (fix bed, wash clothes/ mop floor/ clean bathroom, prepare lunch)/ Daddy works on PC
11AM - 1PM- Youngest takes a nap and I work or watch Netflix
1PM - Kids eats lunch
1:30 PM - Kids play and I attempt to work again
4PM -  Snack time and then more play
6PM - Dinner
7PM - Shower/ Clean up kitchen and living area
8:30PM - Settle in to bed and wind down by watching TV
9:30PM - Lights off

I was surprised at how much time handwashing our clothes eats up and how labor intensive it is. Pre-lockdown, we would drop off our clothes, linens and towels at the laundromat once a week and then pick them up a few hours later or the following day. However, our yaya would handwash my eldest son's uniforms since he only had three sets and the youngest's clothes and cloth diapers. For some reason though, she would also handwash my office clothes even if I already told her not to and just include those with the laundry we send out.

These days, with our yaya quarantined in her own house, I wash clothes every other day so that the pile won't get too high and to give my hands a break. Washing clothes is pretty much an all day affair even if I limit the load to 20 pieces excluding socks, underwear and hankies.

I break down the chore into two parts, the first part is the actual washing which takes about an hour and leaves me with a sore and stiff back. I then take a break by making the baby take a nap and sneak in some work while he's sleeping. Once he wakes up and my hubby can look after him, I go back to the laundry, rinsing out the clothes and then hanging them.

Post-lockdown, I'm considering buying a washing machine because it appears as if our yaya has been devoting too much time washing clothes and has relegated other chores to the backburner. I've been poking around our house and was surprised at its state of barely controlled chaos. Case in point was a bag of rags with dessicated cockroach carcasses (!!) inside our service bathroom. My guess is that our yaya stuffed the rags there and forgot about them because she got busy with the laundry and taking care of the toddler.

Having a washing machine will also help our efforts at limiting our youngest's screentime. Before we decided to lessen his screentime, we would make him watch videos while he ate and our yaya would let him watch videos too while she did the laundry. But as per advice from his occupational therapist (I'll devote a separate post for this), it was best to remove screentime altogether or reduce it drastically. So now, my youngest plays with clay or toy cars on the floor and I sit beside him, feeding him. Surprisingly, he only looked for his videos once and we've been video free during meals for almost a week now. Hurrah!

With a washing machine, our yaya will not need to distract our youngest with videos and we can continue keeping him relatively screen free. Maybe I can also hire a professional cleaning service every month to give our house a deep clean, because daily sweeping doesn't seem to be enough to keep the house clean enough to keep my kids' allergies from acting up.

The lockdown made me realize that our household still needs a lot of work. Pre-lockdown, those thoughts would flit through my mind but would just as quickly be forgotten because more urgent things would always seem to crop up. But now that I have had the time to muse over and peruse our household, I was able to list down the improvements we need to do and then plot out our budget to make those changes happen. Yup, exciting things are afoot for my little family and our little condo unit. Now if only this virus will go away already so that we can all pick up where we left off, moving on as wiser and more empathetic versions of our pre-lockdown selves.

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Pinay Investor said…
When the ECQ was implemented, I lost track of my schedule and I spent more time watching TV and Netflix and doing unproductive things. After one month of slacking off and feeling lazy, I changed my morning routines and started new habits. I'm glad I did and now I'm back to blogging again. :) They say it takes 21 days to form or change a habit, and today is my 22nd! I hope I could follow through and continue what I've started (kahit mas masarap humilata habang nanonood ng Netflix haha!)
Jillsabs said…
I'm glad to be back blogging again too.

I popped over to your site and I'm impressed with your morning routine. I used to wake up at 4:30AM on weekdays before to beat traffic, but now, I wake up between 6:30AM-7AM every morning. By then, it's time to feed the kids, clean up after them, do some chores etc etc. Just like you, maybe I should also wake up earlier to get some me-time and compose myself for the upcoming day.
Pinay Investor said…
Yes, I'm glad I discovered this "me-time" thing. :) I think we need it and we deserve it. Thanks for the inspiration, Jill.. I've always been a silent reader. :)

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