Adapt, Thrive, and Repeat

My sister-in-law is a preschool teacher and after years of working in a big school, she finally put up her own playschool a few years back. She encountered many problems (i.e. bureaucracy, logistics, financial, administrative etc) when she first set up Little House Learning Corner but she faced those head-on, made the necessary adjustments and made her dream work. 

After two location changes in about five years of her school's existence, we were so happy when she moved to Pergola Mall in BF Homes because it seemed to be the perfect location which addressed a lot of her earlier issues like parking, security, and accessibility.

Everything seemed to be going smoothly and then COVID-19 happened.

But you can never put a good woman with a dream down, so after a few weeks of assessing her options and getting guidance from friends and family, she hammered out an online learning system AND a partnership with another school to include Grade 1 in her course offerings.

Talk about major adaptation skills!

It's also awe-inspiring to see how many home cooks and bakers sprouted everywhere when the lockdown happened. 

An interior designer friend recognized the toll that the lockdown was taking on the mental health of ladies everywhere, and promptly rolled out Happy Juice sangrias for those times you need a quick swig of happiness to help keep your sanity.

Another friend, a speech therapist by trade, offered frozen versions of her family's well-loved recipes. (Heirloom Recipes MNL). Making it easy for other households to enjoy traditional Pinoy comfort food like kare-kare, bagnet and kaldereta.

I'm not sure if my friends will resume their food hustle when things normalize and they can focus on their day jobs, but it's amazing how they were able to capitalize on their other skills and talents to provide extra income during these trying times.

I'm very fortunate that my job was never in peril when the lockdown happened and even now, I have the luxury of working remotely every other week. But I've never always had this level of security and I suddenly remembered the days when my husband and I were cash-strapped which contributed to our drama-filled first year of marriage.

We were on survival mode for the first few months of our marriage, so I had to learn how to budget, stretch our money, and side hustle, which eventually led to the creation of this blog because I wanted to chronicle my personal finance journey.

I'm so glad we've surpassed those trying times but I really believe that if we didn't commit those mistakes or had someone else clean up after us, we wouldn't be as financially "woke" as we are now. We would still be susceptible to marketing voodoo and be saddled with a ridiculous amount of consumer debt. 

It all turned out for the better because we learned from our mistakes and acted as the situation necessitated, not how we felt the situation should have turned out. I'm sure that new challenges will continue to be lobbed at us in the future because that's the price you pay for being alive, but as long as we have the tools to adapt to a changing landscape (i.e. growth mindset and emergency fund) and are willing to hustle or pivot if needed, we should be fine.

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