July Roundup: Back to School, Therapy and Catsup Museum

July Highlight

July in lockdown was significantly different than June in lockdown because Ace started second grade this month, so he finally had a break from his all-day tablet/ PC routine.

In response to the pandemic and quarantine, my son's school adopted a blended form of learning where his grade 2 class was grouped in batches. Each batch would meet each subject teacher online for 30 minutes a week and then they would get 2 30-minute offline sessions per week per subject. The teachers assigned offline work to be done for those 2 offline sessions or in preparation for the online session.

They use Google classroom for homeroom and the Monday flag ceremony, and Schoology, a learning management system, to deliver lessons, activities and the online sessions with the subject teachers. 

This is the second year the school used Schoology, so the students and parents are familiar with it. But this year, the school really dove deep into Schoology's functions and I'm amazed at how effective it is as an education platform. 

July Numbers

I spent 97.6% of my July income and the notable expenses are as follows:

37.18% = savings/investments 
9.29% = ticket installment
6.52% = school books
4.41% = speech and occupational therapy

This month's savings rate of 37.18% was lower than last month's 46.01% savings rate because: 
  1. There were no bonuses this month so I had to use part of my salary to pay for the final installment of our airline tickets for Christmas [crossing my fingers that NZ's borders would finally be open for tourists by then!]; 
  2. I paid for Ace's school books, which included use of Schoology [his tuition fee was already paid for early this year because the school offered discounts for the first 50 students who would pay their tuition fee in full]; 
  3. Truck was "promoted" to speech therapy by his occupational therapist so I had to pay for speech evaluation, on top of the twice monthly occupational therapy he also receives.

I was supposed to reach 32.8% of my target emergency funds this month, an 8.8% increase from last month's 24%, but we had car issues and I had to withdraw cash from our emergency funds for car repair. So now our emergency funds are back to 25.2% of our target amount. 

I felt a momentary twinge of sadness at this setback to my emergency funds goal, but quickly snapped out of that funk and patted myself on the back for having enough money set aside for emergencies like this. Because we had emergency funds, we didn't have to borrow money or charge car repairs to my credit card. Yay us!

After we complete our emergency funds, I'm going to start saving up for a new/ new to us car. The goal is to save at least 50% as downpayment and be able to pay the balance in 12-18 months.

Catsup Museum

NutriAsia sent me a tote bag of its products a few days ago and this brought back memories of my lifestyle blogger days when I used to receive product samples and all sorts of swag. Good times but, believe it or not, receiving all that stuff eventually became overwhelming.

The swag of condiments came with the cutest banana catsup plushie which welcomed us to a virtual tour of the Catsup Museum in Cabuyao, Laguna.

The virtual tour and interactive module of the Catsup Museum is the next best thing to personally visiting the museum as the tour takes viewers around the interactive exhibits of the museum, while giving in-depth commentary and even mini quizzes per area.

The Catsup Museum will also be launching an interactive module entitled Banana 101, where  kids can enjoy a series of entertaining activities that will teach them everything about the banana, from its history and life cycle, to how they are grown and processed into the food they eat.

To learn more about The Catsup Museum and to access its digital learning resources, please visit https://nutriasia.com/catsup-museum/.

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Che said…
I feel you on the emergency fund. I will have to dip into mine next week, but it's alright. I was able to snap out of it by thinking that it's better to be in a position of helping some than to be the one needing help.
Jillsabs said…
Yeah, it's always better to be the one giving help than to be the one asking for it. I have such a hard time asking for monetary help because of pride (guilty!).

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